10 Moments In My Life That Bring Me Happiness

The constant struggle to be happy has never felt so real.  You would think that I would be happy because life could always be worse. I have a bed to sleep in at night, food, clothes, everything I need, and yet I dread waking up in the morning.  It’s exhausting pretending to be happy around others all the time.  Sometimes when I am alone I end up exploding in tears for no reason at all.

I was told to be positive, but my negative thoughts always have it’s a way of taking over my mind. My mother told me to write a list of things that make me happy, as a reminder to myself that there have been moments in my life where I haven’t been miserable. At first, I thought nothing makes me happy but after some serious soul searching, I realized they are certain things that bring me joy, I was just spending too much time wallowing in my sadness to realize it.  So here they are:

1) The moment I see Nutella in the cupboard.

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When I find out my siblings finished the Nutella I get furious because now I have to wait until we buy a new jar to have some. The wait is always worth it though. As I spread that hazelnut goodness on my toast again,   I know that I’m truly living my best life.  I finally get back to having strawberries and pancakes with Nutella. What more could I ask for???

2) Whenever I read a life-changing book or watch a life-changing movie.

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Some stories stay with you forever, whether if it’s a book or a movie. You know it’s a good book or movie when you can’t stop thinking about it for the next twenty-four hours. You immediately call anyone you know who has also read the book or watched the movie because you just have to talk about it with someone.  If your friends haven’t watched the movie or read the book then you’ll force them to watch/read it because they have to experience what you just experienced.  If you can’t convince your friends to watch/read it then you start googling what people are saying about the book/movie and possibly start getting into arguments with strangers if they didn’t agree with your opinion.   You feel like a part of you has changed and you’re grateful to be alive to have read it/watch it.

3) When you overcome “change.”

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Nobody likes change, especially when it is not in your control. However, change is inevitable and sometimes it can be good. You may not always like but learning how to overcome change only makes you a stronger person.

4) Accomplishing something you’ve always wanted

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Whether it’s a well-deserved raise or buying your first home, it is always a thrilling and exhilarating feeling when you achieve your goals.  Hard work pays off and there’s nothing like feeling a sense of accomplishment. It’s not easy achieving your goals when you doubt yourself or have unsupportive people around you, but it’s important to never lose sight of what you want. It can take a while to start believing in yourself, but once you do and you work hard, the reward will be even greater.

5) Love

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They are many types of love and without love, we can become bitter human beings. You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to have love in your life. Nurturing the relationships with the people that genuinely love you is so important. The people that love you are your support system and we need to remind them how much we appreciate them for always being by our side when we need them.

6) Travelling

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Travelling is such an enriching experience. Only when we travel do we realize how much the world has to offer.  Not only is it an amazing way to learn about other cultures but it gives a different perspective than the ones we’re used to. Everyone should have a chance to travel not just because they need a vacation but because there’s so much to the world we live in than just the city we live in.

7) Finding something of sentimental value

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Whether it’s a prom dress or an old photo, some people like to keep certain items because they are of significant value to them. You may wonder why people keep certain things, but you never know there may be a special reason they decided to keep that item. You can learn a lot about someone from the items they have kept from their past. It’s always an emotional moment when you find something of sentimental value that has been in storage or sitting in the attic for years.

8) Getting rid of toxic people in your life.

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Surrounding yourself with negative people will only make you bitter. Cutting out the people in your life that make you feel worse about yourself is so important for your well being. Cutting them out can be hard because sometimes they are people we genuinely care about. You don’t need people in your life that will bring you down, you need people that will support you.  Only when you get rid of toxic people in your life and surround yourself with those that only want the best for you will you genuinely see a difference in your life.  Life’s too short to tolerate those only who only make your life worse.

Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash