10 Moments In My Life That Make Me Happy

The constant struggle to be happy has never felt so real. You would think that people like me would be happy. I have a bed to sleep in at night, food, clothes, everything I need. I have the internet where I can watch unlimited movies and a phone where I can take unlimited selfies, yet I tend to fall into pits of depression. I think it’s because I am used to pretending to be happy. Sometimes, I end up exploding in tears for no reason at all. Some say fake it until you make it,  but that just isn’t the case for me.  We need to learn about what makes us truly happy because if we just keep faking it we might never know what true happiness feels like.

I was told to be positive, but living in a negative environment makes you into a bitter person. You start to hate everybody and lost all hope.  My mother told me that I should try to like people since I have to associate with them. She said that I need to have a positive outlook on the world, so for one week, I am to smile and do my best not to say anything negative. Lastly, she told me to write a list of things that make me happy.  At the time I thought,  nothing makes me happy,  but that’s not true. They are certain moments in my life where I am happy, I just didn’t realize it.  So here it is :

1) The moment I see Nutella in the cupboard.

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The Nutella has finished for weeks now, and your mother still has not bought any in weeks, when all of a sudden you see it right there. It’s sitting there waiting for you. You get such a rush of joy when you see that jar of Nutella. It makes you feel like you are living the best life.  You finally can get back to dipping your strawberries in Nutella and spreading that hazelnut goodness on your croissants. What more could anyone ask for?

2) When I read a life-changing book or seen a life-changing movie.

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All I can think about for the next three months is how amazing that movie was, and I how all my friends have to watch it and experience what I just experienced. I think about how that one movie has changed me as a person and I am forever grateful that I was alive to read it/watch it.

3) When you overcome “change.”

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Nobody likes change, especially when it is others that think things need to be changed.  We just have to accept that sometimes we can’t control change. Yes, at first it may suck, but once you get used to the change you start seeing the beauty in the change. Whether it was yourself that constructed the change or someone else, you realize this was the better choice. It might take years to realize this, but once you realize how much the change has made your life better than before, it’s all worth it. You start to look back and wonder what wouldn’t have happened if things didn’t change, and you realize you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


4) Accomplishing something you’ve always wanted

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Whether you received a well-deserved raise from your boss or you just bought yourself your first house, it is always a thrilling and exhilarating feeling when you achieve something you’ve always wanted.  Hard work pays off and there’s nothing like feeling a sense of accomplishment. Some of us have to work harder than others but in the end, the reward is even greater.

5) Love

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They are many types of love and without love, we can become bitter rather quickly. You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to have love in your life. Nurturing those relationships with those that genuinely love you is so important, whether it’s your parents, siblings, friends, or even your dog. The people that love you are your support system and we need to remind them how much we appreciate them for loving you unconditionally.

6) Travelling

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Travelling allows is such an enriching experience. Only when we travel do we realize how much the world has to offer.  Not only is it an amazing way to learn about other cultures and the history of other countries, but it gives a different perspective than the ones we’re used to. Everyone should have a chance to travel not just because they need a vacation but because there’s so much to the world we live in than just the city we live in.

7) Finding something of sentimental value

Looking through old photos and thinking I remember that! GIF Via Buzzfeed.

Some people like to keep things that are of significant value to them. What may be important to someone else may not be important to you, but there’s always a good story that comes with it. Whether it’s a prom dress or an old photo album, it’s always fun looking back and taking a moment to laugh and reflect on your life.

8) Getting rid of toxic people in your life.

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Surrounding yourself with negative people will only make you bitter rather than better.   It’s important to realize who doesn’t have good intentions for you because people who bring you down and spread negativity will affect your well-being. Only when you get rid of toxic people in your life is when you feel a sense of peace and calmness in your life.  Life’s too short to surround yourself with people who constantly ruin your day.