Moments That Make You Happy

The constant struggle to be happy has never felt so real. You would think that people like me would be happy. I have a bed to sleep in at night, endless food, and I have the ability to take showers for however long I want. I have the internet where I can watch unlimited movies and a phone where I can take unlimited selfies, yet I tend to fall into pits of depression. I think it’s because I am used to pretending to be happy. I end up exploding in tears, not knowing why I feel this way. I am not happy at all. Some say fake it until it’s true, but that just isn’t the case for me. Now I don’t think happiness matters to everybody. I think being successful might be more important than happiness to some. I  think being popular might be more important to some.  I think proving yourself to others might be important to some. I think caring about others might be more important to some than their own happiness. Nonetheless, I think that we all need to take the time and realize what makes us happy, because if we just keep faking it we might never know what happiness feels like again.

The problem with feeling unhappy is that I didn’t know how to be happy again. Hence, I called my best friend and she told me to try to be positive. I am surrounded by a negative environment and because of that I’ve become a negative person. I also been having a crisis where I just well……..hate everybody. For some reason I currently feel like I don’t care. I don’t care about anything, and I think it’s important for me not to let those feelings escalate.  My mothers told me that I should try to like people, since I have to associate with them.   Now being truthful and being positive are two different things. She said that I need to have a positive outlook on the world, so for one week I am two smile and do my best not to say negative things. Lastly, she told me to write a list of things that would make me happy. When telling me to do this, I thought to myself nothing makes me happy. However, that’s not true. They are certain moments of my life that I am happy, I just don’t realize it. So here it goes :

1) The moment I see Nutella in the cupboard.

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You’ve been craving Nutella for weeks, and your mother still has not bought any in weeks, when all of a sudden you see it right there. It’s sitting there waiting for you. You get such a rush of joy when you see that jar of Nutella. It makes you feel like you are living the best life.  You finally can get back to dipping your strawberries in Nutella and spreading that hazelnut goodness on your croissants. What more could anyone ask for?

2) When I have read a life changing book or seen a life changing movie.

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All I can think about for the next three months is how amazing it was, and I how all my friends have to watch it and experience what I just experienced. I think about how that one movie has changed me as a person and I am forever grateful that I was alive to read it/watch it.

3) When you overcome “change.”

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Nobody likes change, especially when it is others that think things need to be changed.  We just have to accept that sometimes we aren’t the ones that controls what changes. Yes, at first it may suck, but once you get used to the change you start seeing the beauty in the change. Whether it was yourself that constructed the change or someone else, you realize this was the better choice. It might take years to realize this, but once you realize how much the change has made your life better than before, it’s all worth it. You start to look back and wonder what wouldn’t have happened if things didn’t change, and you realize you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

4) Let’s face it, it is a great feeling when you get what you want.

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Whether if it is you are right in an argument, or if you got that girl/boy you’ve been crushing on, or that new Michael Kors purse that came out, it is a thrilling and exhilarating feeling when you get what you want .  You feel a sense of accomplishment, whether if it was as simple as asking, or years of hard work.  And when you do get what you want, you are just that much closer in achieving a life full of happiness.

5) Being in love.

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Now, I think I’m too young to be in love. Imagine being in love at the age of just seventeen? How do you even cope with the feeling of being in love at such a young age? Nevertheless, I wouldn’t worry to much about “being in love” because they are other ways to be happy. However, when you are in love, that person will bring happiness to you. You can’t hide it, you can see it  in your smile, it’s a different kind of happiness. I think that I have experienced this “love” at one moment in my teenage life, but it was very brief. However, it was real and I know that there isn’t just one word to describe it. I know that the difference between “like” and “love” is huge. I know that no matter how hard one’s life might get, it’s okay because you know you have someone there you can talk to about it. Somebody that won’t judge you. That person will bring you happiness.

6) Travel

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I imagine that most people love to travel. Travel is the only thing in life that truly makes you richer. So whenever you have the chance take advantage of your free time and go somewhere else for awhile. It doesn’t have to be far, see how other people live and always try new foods.

The featured image I have chosen is from my trip to New York. My grandparents  live in New York and I hate how my negative attitude prevents me from enjoying the moment. Only when I came back from New York did I realize how lucky I was to be there and how amazing of a trip it was.

7) Finding something sentimental.

Looking through old photos and thinking I remember that! GIF Via Buzzfeed.

Going through your old photo albums and realizing how ridiculous you look.  Travel back and time and take a moment to laugh and reflect on your life.

8) Lastly being surrounded by people that make you happy.

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You might have realized that the environment you are in is negative and it has effected you. By surrounding yourself around people that make you happy, you’ll soon realize that you have no tolerance for  people that ruin your day.