Here’s To A Better Year

I created a blog because I wanted to share my thoughts with the world. However, I haven’t posted anything in a while because I did not know what to write about it. I was in the midst of a couple of drafts, but I was not passionate about what I was writing. I don’t want to write just for the sake of posting something, I want to write because I have something important to say. I needed to be inspired, but I couldn’t find the inspiration to write something worth posting.

Now that it is the new year I have finally found something I want to share with everybody.  Recently I have been going through some personal troubles. I do not often tell others about my problems and there have been several times where I have felt like I wanted to give up. I wanted to give up on everything because I felt like there is no point in continuing with life. I am currently a student at university and I’m not sure if I a hundred per cent like it. Being in university, I’ve been distant from some people in my life. Being distant from these people have made me wonder why some say they will always care about you, but end up forgetting about you. I do not understand this because I am not like this. I understand that people change and become busy, but they are certain people that have stuck by me for years, so why is it that some people forget about you? With the combination of my never-ending thoughts about my troubles insomnia has caused me to become a tired, empty, lifeless zombie roaming the earth.

I needed to be reminded of why I shouldn’t give up on myself, and there are two people who reminded me why I am living.  Firstly, my mother. My mother is the most difficult person on the planet. I have said terrible things to my mother, but she’s always been there for me.  She works herself to exhaustion but makes sure my siblings and I, have the best of everything.  Like most people my mom wanted to go to school and travel the world instead, she got married and had three children. Sometimes I think that my mom does not deserve the life she has. I even think that it’s okay if my siblings and I weren’t born because then she would be able to have the life she wanted. She would be happy. My mom is one of the strongest people I know and I don’t know how she does it. I would not be able to raise three children. After all, I am lucky to have a mom who did not stop give up on herself or her children, the best way I can repay her is to be successful and happy. Once my siblings and I are successful we can take care of her so she can know that her life was worth something.

Another person that reminded me why I can not give up, is my friend Kimberly.  I met her in my junior year of high school and we’ve been friends ever since. Kim has taught me that is important to love yourself. She has taught me that life is to short to weep for hours just because something isn’t going according to plan. Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to make your life better. The only way your life can improve is to be thankful and never stop striving for your goals. Despite her hardships, Kim never stops being herself and continues to make the most of her life. I don’t think I realized how grateful I am for her friendship until I saw her video on her youtube channel called New Year Checklist. I know someday she will be a Youtube phenomenon because she didn’t give up on herself. The world will realize how fabulous she is, and she will inspire not only me but thousands of people.

Hence, I would like to take the time to say thank you to my mother and Kim for inspiring me and reminding how much I have to live for. This new year I learned that you have to believe things are going to get better because if you don’t you will never be inspired. Be thankful for what you have and for those who are there for you. Despite your hardships, you have to believe you deserve happiness because that is only the way your year will be better.

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