Have You Been Affected By the Duchess Effect?

Ever since the world found out Prince William was engaged everybody wanted to know about his fiancé and now wife Kate Middleton. Is this the duchess effect? From the moment Kate Middleton flashed her engagement ring she has been thrown into the spotlight and has continued to stay there. She is now royalty and of course, everybody wants to dress like royalty. She has become a fashion icon for not only myself but for many people all over the world.

Being married to the Prince I am sure that people expect her to dress a certain way, but the way she dresses seems to be very much her own style. The Duchess likes her nude colours and lace. Her style is very modern and mostly conservative. Her clothing is very simple and that is why no matter what she wears she always looks elegant. She likes using hats to accessorize when wearing dresses and coats. She does not only wear clothing from high-end designers but also wears clothing that can be affordable to all. Her clothing ranges from Alexander McQueen to Burberry to ASOS and TopShop. Being a Duchess, you would expect her in a new outfit every day, but she repeats outfits just like all of us.

Kate Middleton in a Burberry trenchcoat. Images via Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton has influenced the fashion industry the minute she became apart of the public’s eye. Critics and fans of the Duchess have created a term for Kate’s influence calling it the ‘Kate effect,’ or the Duchess effect. Many of the UK brands Kate has worn have given the brands international attention. These brands include Reiss, Issa, and TopShop. They are currently available in the U.S and Canada because of her. Many similar style rings were made just like her engagement ring. Her wedding dress, of course, sparked the attention of everyone. The conservative Alexander McQueen wedding dress bought lace back into style. I remember watching Say Yes to The Dress and women would come in saying they absolutely would adore a dress like Kate Middleton’s. Her fans mimic her style as we all wish we could be her.

Kate Middleton was just a regular woman attending university, she didn’t know she would eventually become the Duchess of Cambridge. I commend her because she has been able to hold her own, look fabulous, and win the hearts of the people. She represents how every woman should dress like and act like, like a queen.  She wears the simplest pieces, making her look elegant and graceful. She has not only inspired many of my own style choices but the fashion industry itself.

Duchess Effect
So step aside Prince William you may be cute, but my eyes are on the future Queen. GIF via Quotesgram

Feature Image via: Wikipedia

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