Beauty and Fashion As a Time Machine

Every year thousands of beauty products are released to help people “stay young.” With the help of social media like blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest beauty tips are constantly shared. There are countless “beauty gurus,” who have Youtube channels to share their knowledge of beauty and makeup products.  People are more determined than ever to find the best beauty products for their bodies. Thus, making the beauty industry a billion dollar business.

I’m sure many people wish that eternal youth was possible, but unfortunately it isn’t. It has become an unwritten rule of society that looking young is looking your best. If you look young than you’re considered beautiful. According to an article from the Guardian called, “The Obsession With Eternal Youth,” doctors find that the constant desire to look young is causing people to become psychologically damaged. Psychologist Dr.Eileen Bradbury has even coined a term for the obsession with looking young called Perma-youth. According to her, “Perma-youth is an inability to face ageing, and you’re constantly trying to restore the difference between how you look and how you feel you should look.”

Beauty is not the only industry that promotes products to help you look younger, the fashion industry is just as guilty of this. Many creative directors of fashion brands are mostly people of older age, yet they all strive for the attention of the youth. Former creative director of Gucci Frida Giannini said, “When you envision a fashion show, you envision a dream and when I want to dream I like to work with youth.” It’s true that most fashion shows consists of young models. By tackling younger audiences fashion designers popularize the idea that when you’re young and your wearing their clothing you’re living a glamorous lifestyle.

Former Creative Director of Gucci Frida Giannini. Image Via Donne magazine.

So many of us long to look younger, because society has romanticized the idea that your youth is the best time of your life.  For some their youth is the best time of their life, but for others it might not be. In my opinion, your youth is the best time of your life to take chances and risks. Taking advantage of as many opportunities as you can when your young can only help you in the future. Despite this, when you become older people assume that your time to take chances and risks have expired. This is a false assumption. Many of the choices we make in our lives is based on timing. Not everybody has the chance to seize the opportunities available while their young because of other circumstances.

Hence, there are older people who wear clothing that society says is not for their age. People are trying to hold on to their youth, because they think they can’t have that lifestyle anymore. They use beauty products and clothing as a time machine, to a time where anything was possible.This is a false assumption. Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you can’t have a glamorous lifestyle.

It’s important to invest in the youth, because we are the future. However it’s important to pay attention to the elderly as well. A very good example of this is the fashion blog called Advanced Style. In 2008 Ari Seth Cohen created this blog to bring awareness to fashionista’s over 60. Since then, a book and documentary has been made based on the blog.  In the documentary you see these fabulous elder women with impeccable style. In my eyes, they are the epitome of what fashion is about. The elderly women talk about how holding onto something you love can keep you alive, and for them it is fashion.

The women from this documentary are truly an inspiration, because none of us are getting any younger. Even if beauty products can keep us looking younger, on the inside we’re still growing older. Ageing is apart of life, and fashion can help you age gracefully.People always say to cherish your youth because it goes by so fast, but we should be taught to cherish every moment of our lives. Looking back at photos of myself I didn’t understand why mom told me I looked beautiful when I clearly did not. She said that there is something beautiful about every age. I didn’t believe her then, but it’s true. Every moment of your life is beautiful, whether you’re wrinkle free or not.

Feature Image via: Img Fave