10 Lessons We’ve Learnt from our Favourite Fictional Fashionista’s

 1) Hilary Banks

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Representing, the 90’s we all know her as Will’s glamorous cousin from the Fresh Prince of Belair. She was your typical daddy’s girl spoiled in all things fabulous. Her style was noticeable everywhere she went. From classy at the office, to being a weather girl on TV, to chic and sophisticated for a night out. She knew exactly what was appropriate for every occasion and taught us you can look stylish no matter where you go. Even though she was a college dropout, she taught us their is potential in everybody and success is possible. Having faith in ourselves is something that we struggle with, but once we believe in ourselves achieving our goals become more clear to us.

2) Rachel Green

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Of course, I had to include Rachel from everybody’s favourite TV sitcom Friends. She was definitely the most fashion forward of the group. Rachel taught us not only about style, but about life. From the very first episode we learn that Rachel is no longer receiving money from her father and is single again. In her words, “There’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, then me. Rachel taught us that life after hitting rock bottom is possible.  Nothing in life comes easy as she struggled to be waitress, but if you follow your passion you can make something of your life. In her case her love of fashion led her to a job at Ralph Lauren.

3) Cher Horowitz

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The infamous Cher from a classic girls night in movie called Clueless.  Another daddy’s girl who used her father’s money to invest in a kick ass wardrobe. Cher was a caring person who always wanted to help her friends. However, one lesson we all need to learn from Cher is never assume you know what’s best for the people around you. You could very well be wrong.

4) Elle Woods

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One of my favourite fashionista’s of all time featured in one my favourite movies of all time Legally Blonde. With her wardrobe she is one of the most stylish lawyers yet. Not only does she prove that blonde’s are not dumb, she supports women rights, and teaches us the importance of animal rights.  In particularly, she taught us you don’t need a man to define who you are and it is possible to have beauty and brains.

5) Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der                                          Woodsen

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New York City has never looked so glamorous when Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen are strutting the streets of the big appleThere was always an event the girls had to attend and show off their fashion forward wardrobe. Blair was always very preppy,chic, classy, and elegant while Serena’s style was effortless, edgy and sexy. Although Blair was manipulative, she was determined to be a strong and powerful woman. She taught us that’s important for women to achieve their own success before committing to someone. While Blair was more of a judgmental person Serena taught us to always see the good in people.

6) Rebecca Bloomwood

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Other wise known as the girl in the green scarf from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. Becky taught us one of the biggest lessons we all need to learn and that is only buy what you can afford. Sometimes we end up purchasing products we can’t afford without thinking of the consequences. As Becky learns you don’t need designer clothing to look good. You can look stylish without wearing Gucci.

7) The Girls from Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars is a TV show known for their stylish characters.  With so many characters we are bound to see our own personal style in one of these girl wardrobe. Personally, I am a mix of Emily and Hanna. Emily has a very casual,distressed and sporty look whereas Hanna is very trendy,dressy, and makes good use of her accessories. Aria’s style is very funky and includes many prints and patterns, while Spencer is very preppy and sophisticated.

Pretty Little Liars has taught us a lot about friendship.The show teaches us we shouldn’t always fight for that guy we’re still in love with, but for your friends. It’s normal to argue but if your friends really mean something to you than you should fight for their forgiveness. Girls need to learn how to support one another.

8) Jessica Day

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Representing all the weird and quirky girls is Jessica Day from the hit TV series New Girl. Jess’s wardrobe makes me want to raid Kate Spade. With a mixture of cute dresses and skirts, every outfit Jess wears embodies who she is. She teaches us that it’s okay to let your clothes reflect who are. It’s okay to be you. There’s no problem with being extremely awkward and making all situations uncomfortable. Be proud of who you are.

9) The Evil Queen

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I’ve always wanted to look marvellous and powerful and that’s exactly how The Evil Queen dresses like on the TV show Once Upon A Time.Have you seen the gowns and bling The Evil Queen wears on the show? She’s otherwise known as Regina. Regina is not your typical queen who waits to be told what to do. She’s always looked remarkable while forever holding a grudge over Snow White.  Regina teaches us holding a grudge can be very exhausting an it’s a lot of work. Learning how to forgive is hard, but it’s possible.

10) Jessica Pearson and Donna Roberta                       Paulson

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Jessica and Donna strut their stuff in office chic wear on the hit TV show Suits. Just because Jessica Pearson is a black women does not mean you should consider her a minority. She has her own law firm and shows us there is nothing more sexier than an educated woman who is the boss. Being dedicated and determined will get you far, so never give up ladies.

PS: I know they’re are more fictional fashionista’s to discover but these are ones that I adore. I know the ladies from Sex and the City are well known for their stylish wardrobe, but I haven’t seen the show yet, that’s why they’re not on this list.


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