5 British Beauty Vloggers You Need to Follow

If you’re obsessed with all things beauty and makeup then I know just the people you need to follow. I spend a lot of time watching Youtube. These aren’t all the YouTubers I watch but I’ve definitely learned a lot from these talented women.  If you’re on the hunt for some makeup tips and product recommendations then check these 5 British beauty vloggers out. 

1) Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is my ultimate favourite youtube beauty guru.  She is super classy and beyond elegant. She has done the makeup of Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightly, to name a few. For a full list of her celebrity clientele go check out her website. On her website you can find product reviews, links to videos, lists of her favourite things, or even information about her new book: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup which looks fantastic! She has some of the best makeup and skincare tips and is a definite must watch if you’re into makeup. As the new Creative Director for Lancome cosmetics, she is also a powerhouse career woman. She makes doing makeup look like art.

2) Caroline Hirons

Caroline is another badass British beauty vlogger on youtube and she’s all about the skincare! She truly is a skincare expert and if you’re looking to add to your skincare stash, Caroline is a must watch. She has such a beautiful philosophy on ageing and the anti-ageing product market. She believes no product is ever going to stop you from ageing. It is a privilege to age. There is a way to age gracefully, even with good skin. Caroline is super witty and so fun to watch. Finally, she does do a lot of collaborations with another great youtuber and beauty blogger Ruth Crilly.

3) Sam and Nic Chapman

There was no way that the dynamic duo that makes up Pixiwoo wasn’t going to make this list. Sam and Nic Chapman, British beauty vloggers, founders and creators of the brilliant Real Techniques Make Up Brushes (sold nearly worldwide), are simply makeup geniuses. I’ve been watching them for years, hooked from the very beginning. They have great makeup tips and do fantastic looks. Their celebrity looks will blow you away – they begin to resemble the celebrity in question. Beautiful personalities, wicked smart, and with fantastic energy that one can feel through the screen, these two are a force to be reckoned with. They come from a family of youtube sensations, being the sisters of the always lovely Jim Chapman and fitness you tuber John Chapman . Their mom also has a youtube channel as does their sister in law, the brilliant Tanya Burr. 

4) Anna Gardner

Anna may be my favourite British beauty vlogger /youtuber – hands down (Lisa being my favourite beauty guru, there’s a difference, trust me). Her sweet bubbly personality shines through every video and with great makeup and skincare tips – she truly is a treat to watch. Another plus: she’s hilarious. Her complete aesthetic is so chic and minimalistic.   I either want to be Anna or be her best friend. I trust her opinion wholeheartedly. If she likes a product, chances are I’ll like it too. With brilliantly edited videos from get ready with  me’s, to monthly favourites, to organizational tips, recipes and more. Anna’s videos are definitely a must watch.

5) Lilly Pebbles

I couldn’t talk about Anna without mentioning her youtube bestie: Lilly Pebbles. These besties get together every so often to film their beauty chat videos, which are always a joy to watch. Nonetheless, Lilly has impeccable taste in products and in outfits. Her videos happen to be brilliantly edited as well and her soothing character makes watching youtube videos all the more relaxing. Her vlogs are by far my favourite. In addition,  many of Lilly’s favourites have turned into my own – so thanks Lilly for the fantastic tips! Lilly’s lovely personality make her videos beyond addicting and her fiancee Rich is hilarious – a total fan favourite.

Feature image from @lisaeldridgemakeup 

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