If I Could Be Anybody Else It Would Be Emma Watson

The nostalgia for all things Harry Potter has never felt so real. I wasn’t ready for the series to end, I’m to attached to the characters. Nevertheless, I am so happy that I am apart of the Harry Potter generation, a world I can revisit by just opening up a book or watching a movie. I’ve learned many valuable lessons from the wizarding world of Harry Potter and have been inspired so greatly by its characters, especially Emma Watson.

large, Emma Watson
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One of my favourite characters is Hermione Granger. Hermione is played by the amazing and stunning, Emma Watson. Before meeting her, J.K Rowling had a phone interview with the young actor, and as J.K. Rowling tells it, Emma was apparently talking a mile a minute, asking so many questions, it reminded her so much of Hermione. Nevertheless, Hermione was written not to be very attractive, so when J.K. Rowling finally met Emma, she was taken aback about how beautiful she was. Nonetheless, she stayed true to the casting, remembering the young excited nerd she was. Let’s just say, she made the right decision. Ever since, Harry Potter she has become one of my style icons and and role models.

We’ve seen Emma’s sense of style grow with every single new Harry Potter movie. Always looking elegant and chic, Emma is not afraid to take risks with her sense of style. It is physically impossible for her to not look fantastic.

  Favourite Harry Potter Red Carpet Look
Emma Watson
They were many Harry Potter premieres, but has to be my favourite look. She looked ravishing in a little black dress by Rafael Lopez at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Premiere. Image via: Img kid.
Red Carpet looks from the Noah Premiere
MyMorning Routine, Emma Watson
Here on the left, she is wearing a black ball gown designed by Oscar De La Renta at the Noah Premiere in New York. In the middle photo she looks even more glamorous at the London Premiere of Noah, wearing a white backless dress from Ralph Lauren. To the right, she looks very chic in a black and white outfit designed by J.Mendel at the Madrid premiere. Image # 1 via: Img kid, Image # 2 : Just Jared Image # 3: Dig Trend
And Of Course I Can’t Forget
MyMorning Routine- (1), Emma Watson
She definitely caught the world’s attention when she wore a half dress half pants outfit to the 2014 Golden Globes. Her backless red dress was designed by Dior. She paired the dress with black tights and Roger Vivier Ergo Sexy stilettos. The perfect outfit for somebody to make an entrance. In the middle she’s wearing another black dress from Prabal Gurung. The cutouts made the dress very eye catching and a great choice for the (2013) Met Ball. Images 1 and 3 via: Img Arcade, Image 2 via:  Img Arcade.
 That’s Not All

What’s more, she’s not just a pretty face, she’s also super smart, beyond talented, and absolutely badass. Time Magazine named Emma one of the most influential people in in the world, and not just because she played a brainiac badass on screen, but because she is one in real life. She is a feminist, humanitarian and a UN Goodwill ambassador.  As the spokeswomen for the UN HeforShe campaign, Emma strives for women’s rights, embarking on a campaign beneficial to  both men and women.

Emma Watson
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As a graduate from Brown University herself, she truly believes in the importance of education, especially for young girls. Therefore, she joined the UN on a trip to  Bangladesh and Zambia to promote the importance of education for girls.

Not only that, but Emma is super talented. She has had an immensely successful career even after Harry Potter. Some of my favourite movies she in are, of course, Perks of Being A Wallflower and My Week With Marilyn.

One of my favourite lines from The Perks of Being A Wallflower. GIF via Tumblr

Emma Watson is all about following her dreams, working hard, and believing in girl power. Similarly to Hermione, Emma Watson wants to make the world a better place and believes in the beauty of being yourself. Full of wise words and beautiful gestures, Emma Watson succeeds not just at being an actress, but at life. She is, a strong , stylish, confident and talented woman.

         tumblr_nln4omRTLm1u1aa2bo1_250, Emma Watson tumblr_nln4omRTLm1u1aa2bo2_400          tumblr_nln4omRTLm1u1aa2bo5_250tumblr_nln4omRTLm1u1aa2bo6_400

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Not only was she apart of a franchise that defined a generation but has become an inspiration to so many. She devoted her life to making a difference in the world and she has done just that.

Feature Image via: New York Post

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