Why Fashion Is My Armour To Surviving Everyday Life

They are so many careers in fashion that I would love to some day experience. I think some view the fashion industry as superficial and materialistic, and maybe in some ways it is. The industry has no feelings, it may be a cut throat industry where not all the people are the kindest, yet it still strives today. Moreover, I think this is because not everybody is passionate about fashion than the fashionistas of the world. They just don’t understand that for us fashionista’s

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” -Bill Cunningham

I think some people mistake my love for fashion as being superficial and materialistic, but what they don’t realize is that clothing is much more than a piece of fabric and a price tag. Although it would be nice, you don’t need to wear Gucci to look good. I love finding great items on sale and discovering new clothing brands.  My passion for mix and matching outfits in my wardrobe and styling photo shoots is because I love the way fashion makes me feel.

  Fashion Makes Me Feel:



The way I feel when I wake up in the morning very much reflects the clothing I wear. When I’m getting dressed for the day, most of the time I want to feel glamorous. I want my clothing to reflect the fabulous person I aspire to be. I know early mornings and school or work are not always exciting, but I really want my day to be productive. The only way I feel like I can do that is if I am dressed for success.

I know that during exam week I tend to dress in sweats and hoodies. Sometimes I don’t even change out of my pyjamas nor do I brush my hair. It’s ironic too because exam week is probably the best time to dress for success but I’m too stressed to make myself look glamourous. However, according to an article from the Daily Mail professor and author Karen Pine says that, “what you wear can either boost or lower self esteem.” She conducted a study where students wore a superman T-shirt and learned that by wearing that superman T-shirt the students felt more confident and even physically stronger.  So instead of looking like a lifeless soul of stress and tears, wearing one of your favourite outfits might just help you during your exam!

Comfortable With Who I Am

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Clothing allows us to express ourselves and allows us to control how other people see us. Fashion allows people to make a statement, whether that is religious, political, or to stand out from the crowd. Our clothing lets us show the world what we are feeling on the inside without actually saying anything. According to one of my favourite designers Ralph Lauren,

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

Some want to be invisible to the world, where others want to be noticed, either way we use clothing to become comfortable with a person were growing to be. It gives the fashionista’s in the world a sense of belonging and allows us to accept who we are (whoever that maybe).


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There is nothing like the feeling of joy we get when we are complimented on what we are wearing.  Nowadays, we’re so critical on ourselves that when I get several compliments on a outfit I feel like I’m Canada’s next top model and I’m ready to walk the runway. Of course that feeling quickly fades away when I take that outfit on and I’m back to trying to figure out what to wear the next day. Nevertheless, that feeling of happiness is always there whenever I look at that outfit in my closet.

Clothing represents memories. They are some items in our closets that we just can’t seem to get rid of. We’re most likely never going to wear them again but they reminds us of important moments of our life that made us happy. My mother still has her dress and tiara from her wedding. She thinks I’m going to wear it for my wedding, I don’t think so. I still have my prom dress. I would never wear it again because I want to leave high school in the past, but I just can’t forget everybody’s compliments on how amazing I looked.

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Me and one of my friends at our prom. I wore a black dress from AX Paris.

If you have any clothing in your closet that reminds you of bad memories then get rid of them. Give them to a charity or even a friend. Keep the clothes that give you a smile on your face and reminds you of how glamorous you really are.

And Most of all Fashion Inspires Me

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The debate about whether fashion is an art seems to never end. In my opinion I absolutely think fashion is a form of art. Fashion tells us a lot about our history and how clothing has evolved through time. Just take a look at the Met Gala and high fashion runway shows. Before the clothing is created most designers either sketch or brainstorm what their collection is going to look like by looking at fabrics and mood boards. Fashion allows people the freedom of creativity and artistic expression just like any other artist. Moreover, just like art some might think that the final product is beautiful where others might not.

Fashion will always continue to inspire me. It makes me feel glamorous and gives me a purpose in life. I want to help others realize how inspiring fashion is and how amazing clothing can make you feel, no matter what your weight is. Forget about what society says about fashion and find out what fashion means to you. The clothing you wear can make you a more happier person, just take a look in your closet.

I bet there is an outfit in there that makes you smile. GIF via Buzzfeed.

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