Struggles of a Shopaholic

Shopping is such a wonderful experience when you have the money for it.  The feeling of finding something you absolutely adore at an affordable price is like the moment you’re about to take a bite into a Nutella crepe.

I know I become excited when thinking about all the different ways I can style the new shoes I bought with the clothes in my closet. I’m on a mission to create the ultimate holy grail closet where I have enough timeless pieces so that every season I’m not always buying a completely new wardrobe.

Of course they are different types of shopaholics and they are so many problems us shopaholics have. Here are some of the problems shopaholics struggle with:

1 ) Being An Impulse Shopper

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However, sales also can be our worst enemy because there’s no need to buy items you don’t need.  Just because something is a good price doesn’t justify buying it. You have no idea how many times I’ve fallen in love with a pair of shoes. There never seems to be a time when you have enough pair of shoes. However, no matter how much you want those shoes it’s just not necessary to buy another pair especially if already have enough. You convince yourself that you need it but in reality it’s you don’t.

I’m not much of an impulse shopper when it comes to buying clothing. Before I make a purchase, I like to browse online check out different companies and see where I can get the best price and the best quality.  Only then I decide to make the purchase, but once I’ve made up my mind I’m hundred percent going to get it. I’m more of an impulse shopper when it comes to food.

2) Being An Emotional Shopper

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Everybody’s heard of the concept of emotional eating, but I am not an emotional eater. I’m a hundred percent an emotional shopper. I’m the type of person that does not like to talk about her problems and likes to keep all of her emotions to herself, hence I’ll buy something to make myself feel better.

3) Buying Items That End Up Being Crap

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It’s not a good quality to have because both emotional shopping and impulse shopping can lead us to buy items that end up being crap.When you buy something and it turns out to be crap is like realizing there’s nothing you can do about the amount of money you spent on a person after you broke up with them.  Realizing that it’s from one of your favourite stores too is like finding out your partner cheated on you.Never keep something that is fraying and will slowly fall apart, your money is to precious.  Even you have passed the amount of days to return your item still attempt at returning it. Life’s too short to settle, take action because what companies are really selling is a service not just clothing. Returning and exchanging items is an art, especially since you can’t always return or exchange your item.

4) Always Craving Something New

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This is the person that is always wearing something new at every single party you see them.This person is always in denial that they never have anything to wear,  they have to be wearing something nobody’s ever seen before. They’re constantly changing their style and focused on what’s going to be in style in the future rather than what’s currently trending.  Fashion is a very faced paced industry and those people who are always craving to change up their style are the trendsetters of the world.

However, you don’t always have to buy something new to be a trend setter.  You can change up your outfit by styling it different ways. Utilize the accessories you have and use your moms closet, history repeats itself. I bet you can find some killer items from back in the eighties. For instance, your favourite little black dress. You can pair it with a knit cardigan, stockings, and some booties for work. Then you can take that same black dress add a necklace, a fur vest maybe, some killer pumps, and a red lip.

5) Boycotting The Mall Only To Shop Online

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So you’ve got your credit card bill and you’ve decided no more shopping for you. You’ve stopped your trips to the mall, however you can’t escape shopping because you can shop shop. Sometimes you can get some really good deals but they only offer those prices online. Not only that but they are some brands I love that only sell online or are not available in Canada so I have to look online. I am guilty of being one of those of people that will fill up their online cart but not buy anything because the total is usually around $500.  Which I don’t suggest doing because when you do have money and you should be saving it you remember that top you saw on Nasty Gal and with just a click of a button, it’ll be yours in a few days. It doesn’t help the fact that I’m constantly watching look books and hauls on YouTube, which only makes me want to shop more.

6) Being Accused of Being Materialistic

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Now they’re always those people who hate shopping and only go to the mall because they have to.  For instance, for shopping for presents or if they have a wedding to go too and they literally have nothing to wear. For some people how they dress isn’t important. They think shopping for the purpose of being stylish is unnecessary spending which it can be sometimes. However, it’s a myth that shopaholics are people who let materialistic things define them.  Yes, somebody who is a fashion fanatic can be shopaholic but, what people don’t understand is that fashion is much more than just shopping. I could spend another five hundred words explaining to you what fashion is all about, but I already wrote about that in a previous post. So please stop accusing us of being materialistic.


7) Not Having an Income


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A shopaholics worst night mare is not having an income.  Not only will you struggle to pay the bills but your daily retail therapy sessions have to stop.  When you know you have to stop purchasing unnecessary items, but you can’t. Eventually, you’ll realize you’ve spent to much and you have no choice to stop. Those credit card bills are going to come and the fear of being broke starts to become a reality when you realized how many trips to lingers  Sephora you’ve had in the past month.

8) Denying You’re A Shopaholic

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I’m not a shopaholic, everything I buy is for a good reason and at an affordable price. Yes, I am shocked at the amount of money I owe on my credit card bill but I don’t have a shopping problem. I needed those new pair of earrings. I only have dangly earring, I don’t have studs, and plus my ears get cold without earrings. I’m clearly just around stores a lot and the sales associate told me it was good price so I bought it.

This is the typical response of somebody accused of shopping a lot. Another person usually has to intervene for you to come to grips that you may have a shopping problem.

You have a billion advertisements telling you all about the new collections and trends that will make you better than how you already look like. Moreover, when you’re making money it’s more easier for you to think it’s okay to spend money on unnecessary items because you know you’re pay check is coming in soon.   There’s many people around you that you see wearing clothes or have the newest products and you think that you need to have the newest one too. You have to stop paying attention to these things and figure out what your style is and what fashion means to you. If you’re a person who doesn’t have a lot of money then you need to learn how to shop smart, only then can you control the constant shopping.  I’m still working on that and until then,  it’s a constant cycle of spending,  credit card bills, boycotting the mall, and spending again.

Let me know what struggles you guys have as a shopaholic.


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