Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Favourite Fictional Fashionista’s

I know I’m not the only one who spends her Saturday night binge watching TV shows or watching numerous movies. Every once in a while we come across a character that stays with us forever. Since I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast I could never forget a character with an iconic wardrobe. However, after many hours watching my favourite fictional fashion icons overcome their hardshipsI haven’t just picked up style tips from these ladies I’ve learned many life lessons from them too. Check all the lessons I’ve learned from some seriously stylish ladies from TV and movies. 

1) Rachel Green

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Of course, I had to include Rachel from everybody’s favourite TV sitcom Friends. She was definitely the most fashion-forward of the group. Rachel taught me not only about style but about life. From the very first episode, we learn that Rachel will no longer be receiving daddy’s money and started making her own income. Yes, she was a terrible waitress, but she pursued her love of fashion and that led her to a job at Ralph Lauren. Earning her own money gave her a sense of confidence and independence she didn’t have before.

2) Cher Horowitz

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I obviously can’t forget my girl Cher from one of my favourite 90’s movies of all time Clueless.  Cher has a kick-ass wardrobe thanks to her daddy’s money and expresses herself through her clothes. Cher taught me a very important lesson and that is to never settle for less than you deserve. You have to realize your self-worth and know that you deserve the best. You should treat yourself like a queen and make sure that your man treats you like one too. Never lower your standards just because you’re a, “virgin that can’t drive.”

3) Elle Woods

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Elle Woods is one of my favourite characters of all time in one of my favourite movie series Legally Blonde. I love how Elle was never afraid to be herself.  Not only did she prove that blondes are not dumb but she proved that it is possible to have beauty and brains. Elle showed me that having faith in yourself is important and to never let a man define who you are or let someone tell you what you’re capable of.  Not only did she prove Warner wrong but she became one stylish kick-ass lawyer. Her story is proof that the best revenge is truly success.

4) Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen

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Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen are a glamorous pair of besties who strut the streets of Manhattan in their lavish wardrobe. Blair’s style was more feminine, chic, and elegant while Serena’s style was effortless, edgy and sexy. Blair’s drive for scheming led her to make some bad decisions and she had to pay the price for her mistakes. Although she was manipulative, she was determined to be a strong and powerful woman. Having a successful career and making a name for herself was very important to her and she didn’t want anything from distracting from her goals. Blair taught me that it is possible to make a comeback from hitting rock bottom. While Blair was more of a judgmental person Serena taught us to always see the good in people. This was one of Serena’s flaw’s as well but she believed in doing good and being a good person, and that’s admirable.

5) Rebecca Bloomwood

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Otherwise known as the “girl in the green scarf,” from the film Confessions of a Shopaholic. Becky taught us that is shopping does not bring happiness and the importance of budgeting our money. Don’t get me wrong, shopping can definitely be an enjoyable experience but don’t depend on credit cards to buy everything, especially if you don’t have the money to pay them off. Sometimes we get carried away and end up purchasing products we can’t afford without thinking of the consequences. Becky learns the hard way and has a huge amount of debt to pay off.  She also learns that you don’t need designer clothing to look good. You can look good without wearing Gucci.

6) The Girls from Pretty Little Liars

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The four main girls in Pretty Little Liars are known for their dynamic style.  With so many characters you are bound to see our own personal style in one of these girls wardrobes. Personally, I am a mix of Emily and Hanna. Emily is very casual and sporty whereas Hanna is very trendy, dressy, and makes good use of her accessories. Aria’s style is very funky and includes many prints and patterns, while Spencer is very preppy and sophisticated. Watching the four girls get constantly bullied and seeing how much of an emotional effect it has on them you realize how important it is to have a support team.  Having supportive friends by your side can make difficult situations just a little bit easier. Good friends aren’t easy to find but once you’ve found them it feels good knowing that there is someone to turn to in your time of need.

7) Jessica Day

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Representing all the weird and quirky girls out there is Jessica Day from the sitcom New Girl. Jess’s wardrobe makes me want to raid Kate Spade. From wearing bright colours to polka dots, every outfit Jess wears embodies who she is. She’s not afraid of showing off her legs in dainty dresses and skirts. Jess teaches us that you should be proud of who you are, even though you are not always perfect. It’s okay if you can be awkward at times and have the tendency to make situations uncomfortable. Having intentions and a good heart is what truly matters.

8) Petra Solano

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The queen of making shorts look chic is Petra Solano from the American telenovela Jane the Virgin. Throughout the seasons we’ve seen Petra wear bright colours, feminine dresses, and rock stilettos. Although at the beginning of the series she is the antagonist, her character is proof that people can change.  As Petra’s character develops she stops plotting against Jane and Rafael and starts to open up more about her insecurities and her emotions. She starts developing genuine friendships. Sometimes we have our walls up for too long we don’t know how to take it down. Petra teaches us that it’s okay to talk about your emotions and that you don’t have to deal with everything on your own.

9) The Evil Queen

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If you’ve ever wondered what an actual queen looks like then you have to check the ever so glamorous Evil Queen on the fantasy drama series Once Upon A Time.  The Evil Queen was always in an extravagant gown and making a serious fashion statement with her jewellery. Her outfits always exude power. While watching Regina’s storyline unfold we learn that holding a grudge isn’t worth it and takes up way to much of your energy. Even though it takes a long time for Regina to forgive Snow White she learns that holding grudge only makes you bitter. Learning how to forgive is hard, but it’s possible.

10) Fallon Carrington

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Being born into wealth,  Fallon has a closet full of designer clothing from the television show Dynasty.  She’s always dressed like she’s the most important person in the room while rocking her signature look of a winged liner and red lip. Although, Fallon has turned to scheming to get her way sometimes the most important thing she taught me was to never let a man push her around or bully her. She doesn’t care that men usually have higher positions in the workplace she makes it a point to be taken seriously and shows us that women can be the boss too.  She is ambitious and determined to achieve her goals and is not going to let the patriarchy to stop her.


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