Sweet Jesus! This Line is Long

At some point in your “Living in the Greater Toronto Area” career, you will come across a restaurant or two that has a serious cult following, and Sweet Jesus is one of them. Of course, I needed to try out this ever so popular dessert shop myself to see what all the fuss is about. So on a devastatingly cold day in March, like any true lover of ice cream and all things sweet, I journeyed to the centre of Toronto by a bus, took the subway, a street car and walked to meet my friend. 

After googling the directions and pulling up at the wrong door step, Paula and I looked up and saw the sign to the dessert shop. The sign led us to an ajar door what we thought at the time was a “long line.” The normal thing to do when you discover a long line , is to go somewhere else or come back later.

sweet s

So we left and came back, and the line had only gotten longer. It seemed only to be moving at a snail’s pace and growing longer and longer outside the establishment’s doors.  After 45 minutes of waiting to place our order, which is enough time to decide what flavour of ice-cream I would like to try, we were still not at the front of the line. We were closer to the end of the line, waiting on the people who were still waiting to be served to get out and make room for the rest of us.  Another ten minutes goes by, and we’ve reached the end of journey, except it’s not the end. In fact, it’s only the beginning, because the vanilla machine breaks down. Since the vanilla machine got overheated, they needed to open the doors even though it was a little chilly out. I eventually got to the top of the line and I still had to wait another 20 minutes, because I ordered an ice-cream that was VANILLA-BASED.

The ice-cream at Sweet Jesus is soft serve ice cream that is either a vanilla or chocolate base or both. Then they add a series of toppings that make you scream Sweet Jesus for Life! They offer flavours like Birthday Cake and Cookies and Cream.  They also serve popsicles and hot drinks.

I finally walked out my ice-cream in hand feeling a little cocky because people were waiting outside in a heck of a line were going to go through what Paula and I just experienced.  I walked past the crowd, took my camera out and started taking artsy fartsy pictures of my ice cream. By the way, they didn’t come out so great. Please see below:

sweet j.jpg

“Artsy Fartsy” picture by Kimbo Gayle

I did like the ice-cream, but was this $6.75 specialty ice-cream truly worth the hour plus wait?

The ultimate truth is that I’m not quite sure. I would love to go back because I don’t want to unfairly judge the place based on a single scoop of vanilla dipped oreo crumble chocolate scoop of ice-cream. Whatever flavour I picked  (forgot the name of the flavour) was way too sweet and had a somewhat overbearing taste of rum. Not the, “I’m sublte but I’m sexy” type of rum, but more of the “I should have come prepared for this and eaten some bread before I left home” kind.  I had some of whatever Paula was having and it seemed 100% less alcoholic than min.  I didn’t end up finishing the whole thing and if you know me you know I HATE to waste food. All in all, it was an adventure and I think I will give Sweet Jesus another try as soon as I can.