Here’s To Saying Goodbye to A Bad Attitude

Every year you’re supposed to improve not only in your skills but be better than who you were before, or so that’s what I thought. Last year was my first year of university and although it was stressful I got through it. I learned a lot about myself and it was a productive year where I made many decisions I am happy about it.  I started taking fashion classes during the summer and started this blog.  Summer is here again, and I’ve had a terrible year as a sophomore and I have backtracked to being somewhat jobless and still not having a license.

I’ve never been more happier than the moment I finished my last exam and finally completed this school year.  I had a professor who was not only pompous and pretentious but also did not like my outspoken personality.  To make things even worse, I also had a professor who would constantly talk about her prejudiced views about race, ethnicity and gender every class.  I didn’t feel like she was teaching me anything. I unfortunately could not drop any of these classes because they were required courses I needed to take in order to graduate.

Despite, it being a terrible school year I did learn a few things about myself. I learned that   my vocabulary is not the greatest, considering one of my professors would use the word, “fiscal.” I had no idea what it meant, but apparently it’s not just a word pretentious people use.

Secondly, I learned that I will never be able to understand math. My brain is great at understanding lines from Shakespeare or interpreting a piece of art work from Michelangelo.  My brain does not understand modular arithmetic, but of course it is a requirement that I must take a math course in order to graduate. I’m never going to have to know what 568 is in mod 54 in my career.  I don’t remember anything from that course, and am so disappointed that I had to pay for it  (well for all my classes this semester).

As a result of a bad school year with boring classes and terrible professors I forever had a bad attitude. I never was happy to go to class and I wasn’t finding anything interesting.  I’ve always struggled with the idea of going to  school. I think education is very important and I’m so grateful to live in a country where girls have the freedom to go to school. I want to be an educated person and I do have a  love for learning, but going to school isn’t the only way to be an educated person.  People learn in different ways and sitting in a lecture hall isn’t always the best method of learning for everyone. School teaches you about topics you’re not interested in and will not use in your future career. One should really take the topics they are most passionate about and focus on learning as much as they can about them. What you love will get you the most farthest in life.

Hence, I had to ask myself am I in love with that I am learning? I’m currently studying to be a journalist. So far all the amazing stories my professors have shared about their experiences as a journalist is making me impatient. I want to scream, “Why am I sitting here then? Give me something to do, I want to go out in the world and go after the story.”I want to work at Elle Magazine one day and be the person dedicated to telling stories. Not how clothes tell stories, but stories that deserve to be heard. Hence, I do love what I am learning I just don’t like the way I am learning them.

By starting this blog I learned that I prefer a more hands on method of learning. University may have not been the best place to go for this. This blog has allowed me to do what I still have not done in university and that is to tell my stories and share other peoples stories. I’ve leaned a lot about the importance of editing and copyrights. In addition I am trying to learn the art of photography. I’m half way finished my degree and next year my program is supposed to focus on practicing what journalists do, so I’m hoping for a better year. I want to get my moneys worth and make the most out of my university experience which means a change in attitude. However, it’s not an easy task especially with new obstacles that have occurred in my life that have made it harder for me to be positive.

One thing that has always made me happy is fashion and writing my problems away. I love am constantly learning more about it and am excited to talk about it with others. As for now I’m taking my love for fashion and passion for blogging as a method to help me gain a positive attitude. The only way I know how to tackle life with enthusiasm is to dress well. Hence this outfit is the beginning of saying goodbye to my bad attitude.

VSCO Cam-1-1 2.jpg
Top: Mendocin0      Jeans & Necklace: Forever 21       Shoes: Aldo




Photos taken by my fabulous friend Kimberly Gayle.