How To Style That Basic White T

We all have those days, when we wake up from bed and have no idea what to wear. A basic white or black T-shirt is perfect for day you are running late. It’s a wardrobe essential and you can style it in so many ways. It’s also cheap, I bought mine for $7.99 at Forever 21.

The easiest way to look stylish is a monochrome outfit. A white T and jeans with a killer necklace would be my go to outfit if I had no idea what to wear.

Sure alone a white T is plain but adding something more dressier like a skirt or a nice blazer can easily glam it up. Even adding a printed piece with a plain white T would bring a pop of colour and drama to the look.

Pairing a white T with jeans can give you a really a refined and lean look.  I wear my skinny jeans most of the time, but I decided to pair my white T with my boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans always emphasize my flat ass but they give an outfit a different look. Boyfriend jeans are supposed to look similar to a men’s pair of jeans. They’re loose fitting, a straight leg fit, and a cuffed hem. It’s supposed to look like you borrowed your boyfriend’s jeans. Personally, if I had a boyfriend why I would borrow his jeans? I would rather borrow his sweater or a T-shirt. I would think that guys would find it attractive to see their girlfriend wear his clothes.

On top of my white T-shirt I put on my leather jacket and heels. Heels have the ability to elevate your look and make it look dressier.  I can’t leave my house without wearing jewelry. I love jewelry, and I just can’t have enough of it. This summer everybody’s been loving chokers, and I found one that I absolutely love. Since this choker has a mix of silver and gold, I paired with gold earrings and gold ring.

Jacket: Zara     T-Shirt: Forever 21



Shoes: Steve Madden
Trying to convince my mom to get a dog. It’s not working. Photo Credits:  Kimberly Gayle

Hope you guys are enjoying summer! Let me know how you guys style your plain white tees.