Spice Up Your Life

This year, many of our favourite fashion houses created collections inspired by the seventies. From the suede, to the abundance of fringe, and funky patterns. Now that it is half way through the year and 2017 will be upon us in just a few months it seems like 80’s fashion is making a comeback. However, my wardrobe currently seems to be more 90’s looking than ever. Some of my favourite style icons from the 90’s who rocked some   of my favourite trends are Rachel Green and Cher Horowitz . I just happen to find myself in the phase of wearing chokers, lining my lips, smearing dark lipstick on, and rocking oversized denim jackets. If you need to know I think I was more of Backstreet Boys type of girl but I can’t say I don’t like any songs from Nsync.

Let’s not forget the ultimate 90’s babe Posh Spice who is now Victoria Beckham.  From her days of being a Spice Girl to now having her own clothing line and being a mom she has always been a style icon.   She’s definitely not one of those celebrities who is responsible for”designing,” a collection just because they were offered a deal to collaborate with a huge fashion brand. From mini dresses to her combination of skinny jeans and heels she knows how to walk out of the house and make women everywhere want to look like her.

Considering my wardrobe is filled with black clothing, of course I am drawn to these outfits. For all the fashionista’s out there whose wardrobe is filled with black clothing, I know you must get tired of hearing, “Why are you wearing all black?  Aren’t you hot?”I will not stop wearing black just because of some heat.Taking some inspiration from Victoria Beckham I styled my denim jacket with a black T, a pair of skinny jeans and a choker.

Outfit: Forever 21      Shoes: Steve Madden

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Choker: Aldo Accessories    Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle 

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