How Jewelry Can Change The Game

For somebody who loves jewelry I couldn’t be more happier that chokers have come back in style. You could wear the most simplest outfit, but still look  as glamorous as ever by adding a statement necklace and matching studs. Even adding a few rings onto the look will bring attention to your nails which is perfect considering I didn’t just get a manicure for nothing.

As soon as I saw this choker I knew I needed it in my life. Expressing yourself through clothing is something we do everyday. Here is how some dark lips, ripped up jeans, and a eye catching choker can tell others, “Move over bitches, I’ve arrived.”

Choker: Royal Fashion



Bodysuit: Free the People    Pants: Zara       Shoes: H&M

Styling By :  Mursal Rahman

Model: Dallis Brinkman

Photographer: Brooke-lynn Brinkman