5 Tips On How To Gain Your Confidence Back When You Think You’ve Lost It Forever

Gaining your confidence back is a process. It’s not just a matter of being confident in how you look but being confident in your abilities. Comparing yourself to others is not a healthy habit and it can be a difficult habit to break, especially in today’s digital age. We’re constantly bombarded by pictures of what beauty looks like and because of that people are so quick to point out our flaws.  It’s hard to keep your confidence intact when you’re constantly reminded of what you should look like. Whenever I find myself comparing myself to others or doubting how I look I remind myself why I am beautiful:

1 ) What Do I Consider Beautiful?

You need to, “develop your own standard of beauty.” Once you know what makes you feel beautiful than doing whatever that is, is the ultimate confidence booster. You have to forget about everybody else’s opinions about you, and ask what do I love about myself?

I consider myself beautiful at whatever weight that I am. During the year I gain/lose up to ten pounds. It’s easy to tell when I have lost weight because my jeans fall off me and when I’ve gained some weight they can be hard to put on sometimes.  Regardless of whether my clothes fit or not,  I hate it when people point out my weight to me.  Why can’t people just let be happy when I happen to look a little skinnier or when I happen to be a little thicker than I usually am?

Even when I’m a little bit thicker, I don’t want to be one of those people that start obsessing about losing the weight. There’s just a little more for me to love. When my clothes don’t fit it does make me reflect on what I’ve currently been eating. Sometimes I eat more junk food than I should, which isn’t healthy and I do want to eat healthily.

2 ) Don’t Compare Yourself To Unrealistic Images 

I know living in a world that consists of Instagram like and Victoria Secret Models it’s hard not to compare yourself.  But you have to remember that, just because you see attractive people on social media doesn’t mean you’re not. Our perspective plays a big role in how we see ourselves and others, we’re our own worst critics. We forget that we compare ourselves to unrealistic photos, where Photoshop and filters are used. Not all of us have the luxury of taking a glam team everywhere we go.  They are different forms of beauty, and there is something beautiful about each and every one of us.

3 ) Tell Yourself Beautiful Even If You Don’t Think So

Even at times when I’ve felt insecure about my how I look, I continued to tell myself that I am beautiful, even if I didn’t believe it. The more I said it to myself the more I believed it.  Start your day off on a positive note, before you leave the house look in the mirror and tell yourself whatever you want to be. Say it loud, “I am talented, I am beautiful.”If you don’t love yourself then who will?

4) Don’t Wait For Other People’s Approval


Don’t be that girl who only considers herself beautiful after somebody else tells you so. Of course, it’s nice when other people compliment you, but you don’t need other people to compliment me to know that you’re beautiful. If you are what you consider beautiful then you have no reason to be insecure. Confidence is sexy, remember that.

5) Dress for Yourself

Do not wear something just because somebody else thinks it looks good on you.  Clothes are a form of expression, and if you’re wearing something to please someone else,  then that’s not a true expression of yourself. Dressing a certain way can change your attitude. It can change the way you see yourself. For me a killer outfit, a good cat eye and some lipstick makes me feel confident and ready to tackle the day.


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