Back to Backpacks

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m dreading going back to school. I want to have a positive attitude towards the new school year, but I’m already having a bad start. I had an issue  with registration and  learned about the extra costs I’m not looking forward to paying. However, whether I like it or not, back to school it is. The good thing is fall is coming, and as much I love summer, fall fashion is by far the best.

I’m usually in a rush when I go to school, so I want an outfit I know is going to look good. Hence, I like to go for a monochromatic look. Either I wear all white or black or I wear different shades of the same colour. It’s simple and stylish.

According to Elle Magazine, pink is in style for this fall. It’s always been a colour I love I just never knew how to incorporate it in my wardrobe. Since bomber jackets are also in style I bought a pink bomber. It was a perfect addition to my closet because it’s always nice to have options in terms of colour and style.


It’s been about three years where all I’ve been seeing are Herschel backpacks. Backpacks are no longer something you only wear to school but as an accessory to enhance your outfit. They’re becoming more fashion forward and I’m very happy about it. I bought the Heritage backpack from Herschel. The backpack has a laptop sleeve which I very much appreciate, but I hate carrying it. It makes my backpack heavy.  I not only use my backpack for school, but I use it when I’m styling shoots and I need to bring clothes and accessories with me. For that reason I find the size I have to small. I tend to stuff a lot in there, which makes my bag heavy, which then starts hurting my shoulders.

I used to feel like my Heritage backpack can sometimes make me look like I’m still in sixth grade, but nowadays backpacks have become a lot more street style.

Herschel originated in Vancouver and has become a popular brand. I’ve had my backpack for about six months now. Mine just looks like a typical backpack but the Little America backpacks are the more popular style. It’s supposed to be a modern take on hiking backpack.  The shape and the straps make it look more sophisticated as if you’re a university student.


Bomber Jacket:from and I am obsessed with it.


Me : When I probably should be finishing an assignment, but is in denial school has started. Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle

My chucks are torn and have lost that rich black colour that it used to be. It’s time to start thinking about buying new ones, but I can’t decide whether I should buy black ones or white ones. I could get white Chucks and get black Nike’s, but I’m not sure.