Toronto: The Home of Style Guru’s

In 2014, Vogue ranked Toronto’s  Queen Street West as the second most stylish neighbourhood in the world.  Of course I wouldn’t say that Queen Street West is the only neighbourhood in Toronto ruled by fashion enthusiasts.  The city is filled with workaholics strutting in their heels or carrying their briefcases meeting colleagues for lunch and wanting to finish their work day so they can tackle their errands.  You see your typical Wall Street type of guys walking along Bay Street in suits and expensive watches. Let’s not forget about the socialites who go to yoga and go to brunch at a fancy cafe in Yorkville on their days off.  They are students roaming all over the city in their Herschel backpacks, baseball caps, and sneakers, wishing they had more money to spend on clothes.

If you know anyone that’s lives in the #6ix then you know they are very proud to call Toronto their home. Living here, it’s impossible not to notice the style that exists among the streets of downtown Toronto.  The people here care about how they look.  They don’t dress to impress their style is an expression of themselves. They want to be their authentic selves, but most of all feel good.

Toronto itself has become apart of our style.  Designer of Canadian brand Peace Collective Yanal Dhailieh has created a fashion brand that has become  popular not only among Torontonians, but Canadians. By using the love people have for Toronto and Canada he created a successful business and is giving back to charity.  With they’re many collections including Home is Canada and Home is Toronto to name a few, they have become apart of Toronto’s street style.  After seeing it on my favourite bloggers on Instagram I eventually bought a crew neck from the brand. For every purchase you make from them $4 is donated to Breakfast for Learning,in hopes of trying to eliminate poverty. They are opening their own flagship store in downtown Toronto on September 7th. They’re not the only brand that is proud to have orginated in Toronto. Other popular brands that have originated from Toronto are Untitled and Co and Shook Co.

Hat: Artizia                      Crewneck: Peace Collective          Jeans: Topshop                Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

I was contemplating whether to buy a basic black baseball cap or a suede one. I ended up buying the suede one because not only is it in style for the fall, but it’s more dressy. Aritzia is another Canadian brand that originated in Vancouver. It is a store that many people love in Toronto. Artizia has clothing from a mixture of brands, most of the clothing are very simple pieces that are easy to style in many different ways. They definitely offer some pricey items and something you can get little bit of a pretentious stuck up vibe from the store.  However, it grows on you the clothing is just so nice.




Photo Credits: Brooke-Lynn Brinkman