Pack It Up

The Herschel Edition


Maybe like me, you have lost complete interest in going back to school, or you’ve simply procrastinated long enough in preparing for the upcoming  year that you’ve suddenly realized just now how much you actually do need school supplies, some new clothes, and perhaps a backpack. If you fall into either of these categories, or you have found yourself on this webpage out of mere curiosity, I applaud your boldness to admit these simple truths to yourself and I sincerely thank you in advance for reading this post.

In the summer before my grade eleven year, in the midst of formulating my strategy to stunt on basics on the first and the most important day of the school year, I partook in a light exercise of hard-core capitalism or in simplified terms, – “excessive retail therapy.” I partially remember walking around Zumiez (yes, I know, I went through that stage too,) when I came across a yellow Herschel Classic Backpack that shun as bright as a thousand unspeckled bananas in all their glory. It was as if God had heard my prayers to be the coolest kid on the block and I could do nothing but send up mad prayer hands emojis to show my gratitude. For two years, I carried this bag everywhere; to school, on overnight stops across town, on weekend camping trips, and a plethora of other wild adventures. It was truly a reliable companion. However, after two years of bringing it everywhere, and having to wash it every couple of months because the colour showed dirt very quickly and easily, the padding on the back bottom of the bag began wearing down and eventually tore. It was quite a sad goodbye and I held onto it until my mother put her foot down for me to throw it out.

The end isn’t always a goodbye my friends; because at the beginning of college I decided that sticking with Herschel would be one of the best decisions I could make. Like any person in their right mind would, when I find something that is of good quality, I hold onto that. What Herschel was offering in terms of colour, style and convenience for my lifestyle, really appealed to me especially knowing that with college there was more homework, more need for space, more need for a backpack to provide a mobile home on my back the way a turtle’s shell does. So on my second time around, I was drawn to the company’s biggest form of rucksack called the Little America Backpack in the colour “Bordeaux,” (pictured below.)



Bag: Herschel

One of the main characteristics of this style of packs is that the bag’s frame is one colour and the detailing is another. I wanted no part in that, so once I found one that was all one colour, I snatched it faster than you could say, “sweet potato!” In the two years of owning this backpack, I have seen two or three other people in a city with a population of 2.6 million with the exact same one that I have, and it feels amazing to be a part of such a small group of humans I tell yah. The bag’s fabric has worn out just a tad and that is expected of any product that is being used on a daily basis. With a colour that is this forgiving, and doesn’t show dirt very easily, I’ve only washed it once.

With a four year track with this brand, I can only say good things about how much they’ve proven to not just be a part of popular culture, but praise them for being an actual investment. If you are still looking for a backpack at this time, I do recommend getting your hands on a Herschel. If you choose one that is a lighter colour, naturally, you will have to worry about upkeep, but if you’re really good at keeping it spotless and pristine like the day you received it, then HOORAH! to you too! If any issues arise with your bag, the company offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty which is just another wonderful thing about keeping and protecting your investment. Last and definitely not the least, Herschel’s drive to stay relevant is fueled by their constant innovation and design that takes form in their new models and cool collaborations. Their work is the essence of good marketing -customers don’t even realize what they are in need of until they are shown. I thought I chose Herschel but ultimately, Herschel chose me.


Bomber: Winners, Top: Old Navy, Pants: Denim & Supply Co., Sneakers: Nike, Watch: Skagen Denmark



Photo Credits: Mursal Rahman