Why A Herschel Backpack Is A Great Option for Back to School

Whether you’re in high school or you’re a student in college a back pack is an essential and if you’re in need for a new one a Herschel backpack is a great option. The Herschel backpacks are quite popular among students and that’s not because of no reason. They’re good quality backpacks that not only will last you a long time, but also are quite stylist. If anybody should know how great Herschel backpacks it would me, I have purchased two of them in the past couple of years.

I partially remember walking around Zumiez (yes, I know, I went through that stage too,) when I came across a yellow Herschel Classic Backpack that shun as bright as a the sun. It was as if God had heard my prayers to be the coolest kid in school and this backpack was the way. For two years, I carried this bag everywhere; to school, when travelling, on weekend camping trips, and a plethora of other wild adventures. It was truly a reliable companion. However, after two years of bringing it everywhere, and having to wash it every couple of months because it got dirty quickly the bottom of the bag began wearing down and eventually tore. It was quite a sad goodbye and I held onto it until my mother told me to throw it out.

Before starting college I decided that I would buy another Herschel backpack.  Knowing that with college there was more homework and more need for space I knew I needed something that is good of quality.  So for my second Herchel backpack I was drawn to the Little America Backpack in the colour Bordeaux. Since using it, the bag’s fabric has worn out just a tad and I’ve only had to wash it once.  It’s very roomy and also has a laptop sleeve that comes quite in handy.

nicey, Herschel Backpack

With a four year track with this brand, I can only say good things about how much they’ve proven to not just be a part of popular culture, but praise them for being a good investment. If any issues arise with your bag, the company offers a limited lifetime warranty. Herschel’s drive to stay relevant is fuelled by their constant innovation and design that takes form in their new models. Their work is the essence of good marketing -customers don’t even realize what they are in need of until they are shown. I thought I chose Herschel but ultimately, Herschel chose me.

uhhuhhh, Herschel Backpack

Photo Credits: Mursal Rahman 

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