What’s Your Must Have Fall Accessory?

Some people have a shoe addiction, others can’t stay out of Sephora, and some just need to have a different handbag for every occasion.  I know for those who are obsessed with handbags they’re very proud of their purse collection.

I don’t make enough money to have an amazing purse collection, but I do the best that I can with what I have. It all started with this pink Coach wristlet my mother bought me from a Coach outlet store in Maryland. I was fourteen and I was so excited to have the wristlet it was the closest item I had to a bag, not only that but it was designer! That fashion fanatic in me was thrilled. For a long time it was the only accessory I had. It got so dirty it eventually started turning brown and I had to say goodbye to it.

When I was 16, I bought one of those fat TNA bags from Artizia. All the girls were carrying them on their shoulders and of course I wanted one too. So typical of teenager me wanting to conform to society.  It wasn’t a good purchase, because I only used it twice. It was very spacious it could be a carry on luggage, but the handles and the bag itself were thick which added to the overall weight of the bag. Once I filled up with my textbooks it was painful to carry on your shoulders. It even didn’t fit in my locker. I eventually gave it away.

Once I started university, I’m like, “Yo, mom. I need a proper bag for school.  I’m an adult now,legally at least. It’s time for a purse.”  So with much persistence my mother bought me a large tote from Longchamp. Yes, it’s from the Li Pilage collection, the one that everybody has. However,  it’s popular for a reason. They’re so simple that they speak to so many people and they’re super lightweight. It was a light pink colour and it gave a perfect pop of colour in a wardrobe full of neutrals .

Just last year, I bought a bucket bag from Urban Outfitters. It was $50 and it was exactly what I needed. Just something to put my essentials in. However, what I really wanted was one of those mini leather backpacks that everybody seems to have. Mini leather backpacks are the new must have bags. So, I splurged and bought the Coach Rucksack. I tried looking for a cheaper alternative but none appealed to me.

I see some people using mini leather backpacks as school bags, but they’re not meant for that. They’re not made to fit a laptop.  The rucksack is made out of pebble leather, so it’s not as lightweight when putting my items in it.  I like the cellphone and multifunction pockets on the front, but the pockets are not big enough to fit a smart phone in there. However, they’re good spots to put your Iphone charger, maybe your ear phones, or even your lipstick.


It’s just what I needed for my fall wardrobe.  I also bought this bag charm from Coach to help elevate the look. The leather just enhances your outfit and gives it a more dressy feel. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.  I can’t wait to travel with it.

VSCO Cam-1-2.jpg
Leather Jacket: Zara       Top: Urban Outfitters          Pants: Forever 21      Booties: Topshop



Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle