How To Find That Perfect Fall Coat

Fall is when the temperature starts to drop,  but not cold enough to wear your winter jacket,  and that means you need a new coat. However,  it’s finding the perfect coat that is form flattering  and suitable for fall weather that is the difficult part.  They’re numerous types of coats you can choose from, you have your typical trench coats, chic overcoats, belted coats, and coats with oversized collars.

To find your perfect fall coat you need to know what type of jacket will be suitable for your needs. If you’re somebody who uses the bus often or you’re someone that’s outside a lot, then going a size up is a good option. You want something that has enough room to allow you to layer.

If you’re somebody who drives a car to work and is mostly inside  then you don’t need to go a size up. It’s always better to invest a more money when buying coat because a better quality jacket will last you longer. Spending more money will also give you more choices to choose from that way you can find a style that is form flattering and it will keep you warm.

Our co-creative director Kimberly Gayle, wanted to embrace the minimalistic trend and bought a belted coat from Canadian boutique M for Mendocino. Not only will the belt help emphasize her waist, but the oversized collars is very chic looking. She picked a nude coloured coat because it would match all her outfits, which always makes life easier.

Top & Pants: Old Navy   Shoes: Globo Shoes   Coat: M for Mendocino


Model : Kimberly Gayle

Photo Credits: Mursal Rahman