Good Riddance 2016

Many people have said that 2016 was one of the worst years yet. I can’t say I disagree. Of course they were some amazing moments, but they were many events that occurred that affected me in a negative way.

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I am an emotional shopper. This year I learned that no matter how many things I buy, when it comes to moments of conflict nothing that I buy  will make me feel better or change the situation. That’s why the greatest success of 2016 and really any year was the fact I was alive to live another year. Most importantly I was healthy. Without my health I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the good moments life has to offer.

A lot of bad decisions were also made in 2016,  not just by me but the people around me. Those decisions effected me and I was in a bad environment. I can be negative a person, but, in 2016 I was more pessimistic than ever. I felt like it was one conflict after another without any time in between to recuperate. I thought the people who cared about me were letting me down and I stopped caring about people and how they were feeling.

I have become a very emotionless person and I’m finding it hard to relate to other people’s feelings. I especially stopped caring how I spend my money. Shopping used to make me feel so happy, but I don’t feel anything more.I just buy stuff because I’m used to it. I thought, what’s the point of saving when you’re eventually going to spend the money anyways? I know that school of thought is wrong, but money was scarce this year. You would think I would have learned the value of it, but it’s just so unfair that a piece of paper determines so many factors in your life.

I do want to budget and prioritize how I should spend my money this new year.   However, that means cutting back on Caramel Macchiato’s and adding more to my lipstick collection. I don’t know if I’m ready for that.

School during 2016 was absolutely a train wreck.  Not all my professors have been the greatest and it’s been difficult to find the will to go to school when you have an 8:30 morning class. I don’t think I have been the best student either. I did not manage my time well and because of that I couldn’t put as much effort into my work as I wanted to. During the school year,  I learned that I am an extrovert but they are also moments when I’m really shy. They are moments where I can be obnoxious and over dramatic. Some have told me that I am, “too much,” but I don’t know how to be, “a little (?).” I have a big personality and I’m not apologizing for who I am.

By far the best moment of 2016 was the summer. I’m proud of the fact that I used my time wisely by focusing on creating better content for the blog. I learned how to use a DSL camera and am hoping to continue to enhance my skills with photography and Photoshop in 2017. I reached 100 followers on the blog and that may not be a lot to some people, but it is for me. So thanks to all of you that are taking the time to read my blog.

Not only that, but one of my best friends who also happens to be my aunt. She is just three years older than me and she stayed for over a month.My siblings and I drove her crazy but having her here is always a good time. Many family members from afar came to visit during the summer.  They were many weddings and parties to celebrate engagements amongst my extended family. You can’t live the glam life without attending some parties.

The new year is a reminder to everybody that they can improve who they are and the current state of their life. However, you can change at any moment. I always have daily goals, but I like to take the new year as a chance to reflect on my life. It was a difficult year, but it could have been worse. I’m thankful that I’m alive to be apart of 2017 and hopefully I’m alive to witness 2018.

Onwards my sass queens. 

Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle