My 2016 Favourites

1) This Leather Jacket

Photo Credits : EyeofKing

A leather jacket is a must have item for everybody’s closet. I have my eyes set out on the biker jacket from Acne Studios, but it is ridiculously expensive. So until I can afford to buy it,  I’ve been wearing this pleather one from Zara.

2) Babe Denim Baseball Hat

Photo Credits: EyeofKing

As soon as I saw this hat I had to buy it. I don’t need a man to call me babe to know that I am one. This hat was an impulse purchase, but I love denim so it was a great addition to my wardrobe. I bought this hat from Urban Outfitters. They are currently sold out, but they offer other hats from the same brand too.

3) Steve Madden Black Suede Heels

Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle

I never want these shoes to wear out. It is the type of shoe that goes with everything. I have worn these shoes during nights out and many shoots. I bought them a year ago, but they do have similar ones on the website.

4) This Choker

Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle

Chokers were in style in 2016 and my favourite ones were the bedazzly ones. Every girl needs some bling in her life.

5)  L’oreal Lipstick Blake Lively Edition


This lipstick was apart of L’Oreal’s Color Riche Collection. This one was made in collaboration with Blake Lively. I wanted this lipstick because of her. She is stunning and I adore her just as much as Ryan Reynolds does. It is my favourite red lipstick; the type of red that goes with any skin colour. It was my go to lipstick during the holidays. I also found the perfect lip liner to go with the lipstick. It is the Stay Sharp Self Sharpening Waterproof Lip Liner in Glam Red from Annabelle. They are less than three dollars and are very long lasting. Annabelle is a Canadian brand, you can find their lip liners and Shoppers Drug Mart.  Lip liner is not necessary for all lipsticks, but for a red lipstick it is necessary. Putting on red lipstick can be messy, you can only achieve a clear pristine look with the help of a lip liner.

6) Glam Pen Pack


I spotted these pens at Indigo and I had to buy them. They just go with my glamorous aesthetic and never ending sass.

7) Bando Agenda


This agenda makes me want to write in it. Inside it is very colourful and is filled with art. They are many notes pages, quotes to brighten up your day, and a page full of stickers. It was very helpful in my attempt of trying to stay organized. You can find these agendas at Indigo.

8) Casemate Iphone Case in Rose Gold


There can never be enough sparkles in one’s life. It is $40, but you need to spend money on a case if you actually want your phone to be protected. I got it from a Virgin Mobile store, but you can also get them from Best Buy as well.

9) The DUFF

Photo via

The Duff stands for designated ugly fat friend. I watched the movie first, because I didn’t know the movie was based on a book. I wanted to watch it because everybody has felt like the DUFF at one point in their life. The movie didn’t come out in 2016, but I saw the movie and read the book during the year. The book and movie are completely different, but they are both relatable and there is something different to learn from each of them.

10) Blogger & Youtuber : Carly Cristman

Photo via Youtube

I’m a huge YouTube fanatic. I have watched Carly Cristman’s videos for awhile now.  In her videos she shares style tips, tips on how to be organized, gives advice, and shares life lessons she has learned . Her videos are so refreshing and informative. I love her authenticity and always look forward to new content from her.