Oversized Sweaters & Pastel Colours for Fall 2016

Pastel colours have been spotted in many of the fall ready-to-wear collections. Famous fashion brands like Versace, Balmain, and Kenzo all featured pastel blues and pinks in their fall collections. The abundance of these cool toned colours is refreshing to see from the typical dark colours that people tend to gravitate to during the colder months.

The pastel blue and pink sweaters have all been very popular from local boutique  Untitled and Co  as they’re their best sellers.  Their sweaters are made to fit both men and women so they run a little big for size, but that doesn’t’ matter when oversized sweaters very prominent this fall. Not only is it more comfortable to wear a larger size, but you have more room to layer, and they’re easier to style. The best way to wear an oversized sweater is to wear something slim fit on the bottom, and accessorize with statement pieces from your closet. It can be anything from a chunky belt or necklace, or even velvet booties.

Below, are the pastel blue sweaters from Untitled and Co, both shown on a female model and a male model.  I chose to wear the sweater with white skinny jeans, where is Andrew, the model below is wearing his with blue ripped jeans.





Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle 

Models: Andrew Bourne  & Mursal Rahman

Styling: Mursal Rahman