Here’s Why Dressing Well Could Possibly Help You Test Better

Life can be stressful when you have looming deadlines to meet while working a part-time job and trying to pay the bills.  When you have so many errands to run you start forgetting to take care of yourself.  What’s even worse is that sometimes your mind plays a trick on you,  you think you have time, but in reality, you don’t. 

During exam season you’re so preoccupied with studying, that you end up doing a dainty pit check on your way to school because you can’t remember if you put deodorant on. Your diet consists of caffeinated beverages and you’re constantly worried if you’ve studied enough. The that last thing you care about is looking good.  But, putting some effort into how you look can actually give you the confidence you need during an exam. According to College Magazine, author of popular blog called The College Prepster and a book called The Freshmen 50, Carly Heltinger, believes that if you dress well, you’ll test well.  A great outfit can help boost your confidence and ease your nerves. Heltinger calls this outfit the power outfit. 

If you want to look stylish and be comfortable while you’re taking your exams, then athleisure is the way to go. Athleisure is when you pair athletic clothing with accessories that will help enhance your outfit, but is still appropriate for running errands and social situations. Athletic clothing is comfortable because it’s made out of synthetic fibres and fabrics like lycra and spandex. If you accessorize your sporty attire,  add a bomber jacket or a denim jacket,  a nice pair of sneakers, and a statement bag,  you’ve got a killer comfortable outfit. I put Forever Mursal’s co-creative director Kimberly Gayle into a fuzzy hoodie, and Adidas track pants from a boutique called Neon.

Hoodie: Obey           Pants: Adidas              Shoes: Nike’s             Watch: Skagen Denmark



Photo Credits: Fatima Al-Sayed

Model: Kimberly Gayle

Stylist: Mursal Rahman