Layer Up, It’s Still Cold Outside

There is one month left until the semester is over, but my mind is already on summer. Even though I’m currently trying to balance meeting assignment deadlines, waking up early enough to have my glam time,  getting to work on time, making sure I have enough money to buy a bus pass every month, life can get exhausting. There never seems to be a day where you don’t have to run errands, the to do list never ends.

It doesn’t help that the weather in Toronto is constantly fluctuating. It’s officially Spring and it certainly felt like Spring today,  it was bright and sunny. I even wore a dress,  but Toronto just issued an extreme cold weather alert.

A great tip would be to always wear a coat or bring an extra jacket with you, because there will be a windchill for the rest of the week with dropping temperatures from zero. You never know when it’s time to take your winter jacket to dry cleaning because sometimes it’s spring  weather and sometimes it feels like winter all over again.  I like how baseball caps look better than winter hats, but they aren’t good for keeping your ears warm. A top or a sweater with a hood always helps gives warmth to your ears.I grabbed my top and coat are from a boutique from Neon stores.

Coat: Fjallraven     Top: Vans         Jeans: Forever 21   Sneakers: Adidas Superstars      Hat: Artizia


Photo Credits: Fatima Al-Sayed

Model & Stylist: Mursal Rahman