Prom Queen, But Without A Prom King

I remember so many girls were obsessed with having a prom date during high school, but I never was. All I knew was that I wanted to look better than everybody else, and I accomplished exactly that. You don’t need a prom date to be a queen.

The most exciting thing about prom was looking like you’re red carpet ready and being with your friends who were dressed to the nines. You weren’t seeing them in their typical hoodies and sneakers, but in suits and ties, heels and sparkly gowns.  Finding out what to wear was of course a very long process of finding the right dress, heels high enough to make you look just tall enough, and of course the perfect shade of lipstick . The stress that you get when you haven’t received your package as the day slowly gets closer and closer.

I slacked a lot in my last year of high school and I wasn’t motivated to do my work, so I was excited for prom! At the time you think it is the best moment you’re going to have in your life, but’s really not that of a big deal. It’s just a tradition and milestone that has been apart of our society for so long.

For those who are excited to pick out their prom dress or may be feeling nostalgic and are reminiscing about what they wore during their prom, here’s a fun and flirty prom look from Royal FashionSometimes I think if I hadn’t worn my dress what would I have worn.   I don’t usually like to show my legs, but something short, sparkly, and frilly seems to capture the youthful mindset and thrill of that moment in time.





Photo Credits: Fatima Al-Sayed

Model: Paige Vi 

Makeup Artist: Michelle Vien 

Stylist: Mursal Rahman