This is Just the Beginning

Mursal’s Note

I have had this blog for four years now. At first, I didn’t take it seriously. In high school, my creative writing teacher recommended to the class to start blogging and since I’ve always liked writing, I thought why not? Little did I know, that was only the beginning.

After I finished my first year of university I enrolled in a Fashion Coordination & Styling Certificate program at Ryerson over the summer.  Deciding to work on the certificate slowly throughout my summers at University, I have yet to finish the certificate, but the classes and professors inspired me and thus made me realize how much I love fashion. From then on I knew I wanted to work in fashion.

So I decided to use my blog as a creative outlet, choosing to post more regularly and  because of that decision I have learned a lot.

Then I met Kim. We met in eleventh grade and we’ve been friends ever since. We have each dealt with our own personal battles and struggles, but even when life gets rough, Kim always seems to have her makeup on point, and that is how I knew I had met my soul sister. We’ve spent countless hours at Starbucks and McDonalds discussing life, shoots, projects, and our passions. Although, there can be some miscommunication between us, like most relationships, we always seem to have a strong connection –  with so many inside jokes between the two of us.

Of course, Kim and I don’t agree on everything.  Our taste in clothing, music, and our creative and artistic views, are obviously not the same.  But I love that because that is what makes the shoots we conduct spectacular. I love listening to her thoughts and ideas because by seeing things through her perspective I’ve learned how to envision things differently.  We’re a great team because we’re honest with each other and take in each others suggestions. Together we decide on what vision to take and then we make our vision a reality.

Kim is filled with great ideas and I’m so honored to call her my friend.  I’m so excited to see what she comes up with in the future, not just as a photographer or model, but in the way she continues to slay.

Kim and Mursal - Garden Bench-2, beginning

Kimbo’s Note

What could possibly be so amazing about The simple fact that even though this is Mursal’s baby, she has invited me to grow alongside her. It’s tough to stay relevant on the internet when you are trying to be educated and independent women who pay their bills and are trying not to drown in copious amounts of student debt. This blog has thrown some curve balls and has been the topic of many long-winded conversations, but it has also been the catalyst behind learning experiences that have blessed us with the opportunity to grow professionally, creatively and personally. After every meeting Mursal and I have, I see Mursal’s innate astute business woman and it delights me greatly encountering her as the great leader she is. We are extremely thankful for all the people who have supported us, from our parents, to the models, to the pizza delivery guys, and finally to the people who read the posts and engage with us on our social media platforms – you are all a blessing!

Kim and Mursal - Friendship Goals-7, beginningCheers!

Now, let’s celebrate!

Photo Credits: @felice.c0m

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