Why You Should Invest in Quality Lingerie

Beestung Lingerie is an intimate boutique (pun intended), located on Uptown Yonge Street. This shop houses popular high end bra’s, sleepwear, and underwear brands such as Chantelle, Marie Jo, Prima Donna, Eberjey, Hanro, Marigot, Pj Salvage, and world renowned Hanky Panky. On any day, one can find a succession of women, whether she is an entrepreneur, an everyday woman, or a woman who has challenged the status quo by raising a family and rising to the top of the corporate ranks. She is treating herself to a piece that has been formed from the most delicate of fabrics – laces, silks, chiffons, modals and cottons, that have been intricately sewn together to make her most intimate garments.

Many women come into the store and end up falling in love with a garment but feel guilty for being happy in a lacey gown. But why do they feel guilty? Is it because it is for herself? For many, intimate apparel is an old t-shirt, or an old pair of pajamas that was a hand me down from some relative. Some people do not believe in spending a fortune on things other people might not see, however, there are those who understand the need for quality comfort, and Beestung Lingerie is their answer.

Lingerie of a superior quality is a necessity no matter the price. As I have gotten older, I’ve come to realize how nice it is to have pajama’s that are a matching set, having breathable underwear, and most importantly a proper fitting bra. Guilty pleasures don’t have to be food, neither do they have to be extremely expensive.

In this post, Mursal and I have featured two of the many kinds of looks that can be found at Beestung Lingerie de Femme.

 Feeling Elegant & Bougie

Kim lingerie


Kim lingerie (1), lingerie

Insider (6), lingerie

kimlingerie2, lingerie

Photo Credits: Mursal Rahman 

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