Three Guys, Three Spring Looks

They are definitely some adventurous trends for men this spring/summer season.  Gentlemen’s Quarterly, shares some spring trends in menswear collections. Trends like  90’s sportswear, v-neck sweaters, statement overcoats, and bleached jeans.

I hate bleached jeans, but I’ve always been fascinated by men’s fashion.  I appreciate a man that knows how to dress well.  It always seems so effortless for men to look stylish, it’s unfair.

Kim and I have teamed up with Neon Stores again to show you some men’s spring looks that we think we’ll be seeing around in Toronto this summer.

1) The Perfect Pop of Pink


Model: Jesly Okuefuna


Although some might consider a pink a feminine colour, pink has been spotted in many of the men’s spring/summer collections. A hint of pink on a man can make him look alive, just like how some blush can give a girl some colour to her cheeks. The most easiest way to add some pink to your outfit is by keeping it simple. You only need one pink clothing piece. This lightweight pink jacket is from Obey and is the perfect pop of pink.

2) Go Green


Untitled design (2)
Model: Yvano Antonio

The military look and camouflage print has become a popular trend this spring. So don’t shy away from your greens. Some might consider green more of a fall colour, but how can not wear green when all you see is green? The trees are blooming and the grass has never been more greener, so if you want to brighten up your closet embrace green by buying a lightweight jacket or parka, or a camouflage print clothing piece.

3) Denim For Days Bro


Model: Andrew Bourne


For this last look I paired a pink tee and a Levi’s jacket. In my opinion,  denim is always in style. It’s a thick fabric so it’ll keep you warm if it’s a little windy outside and will always add some character to your outfit.  I’m dying to get a new denim jacket.

Photo Credits: Kimberly Gayle

Stylist: Mursal Rahman