10 Wardrobe Essentials You Need

They are certain items that everybody needs in their closet. You don’t need to spend lots of money on all these items, some are extremely affordable and chances you probably have some of these items in your closet. These are items that you will most likely wear on a daily basis and will be able to incorporate them into numerous outfits. Kim and I have gathered ten wardrobe staples that you will wear no matter what the season is.

1) A Plain White Tee


T-shirts are such a versatile piece and that’s why it is one of the best pieces to have in your wardrobe. Whether it’s a v-neck, scoop neck, or an oversized tee you can dress it up or dress it down depending on where you’re going.  You can easily put a leather jacket on top of your white tee and if you’re going somewhere fancy you can add a strappy heel or switch it up for a pair of sneakers if you’re just running errands.  It’s a great layering piece during the colder months if you want to incorporate some of your summer dresses or rompers into your fall wardrobe.

2) Denim Jacket


Everybody needs a denim jacket in their closet. I really do think that they add a lot of character to your outfit.  They are many different styles to choose from, they’re the distressed versions, the oversized versions, jackets that have patches or studs, and they’re the different coloured denim jackets. It’s good for summer mornings when it’s a little chilly.  During the colder months you can layer them on top of your sweaters or hoodies. I bought this denim jacket from Forever 21, but one from Levi’s is one my wish list.

3) Good Quality Jeans


We all own a pair of jeans, but it’s important to have jeans that are fit you well and make you love the parts of your body you’re not to crazy about. They’re many different types of jeans that will give you different types of effects. You have your typicalm skinny jeans , boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, flare jeans, bootcut,  high-waisted jeans, and more. For those who desire something more interesting they’re jeans with quirky detailing like rips, patches, embroidery, and studs.


Here Kim is wearing jeans from The Gap. She rarely used to wear jeans, and now she adores all things denim.

4) A Little Black Dress


Whether it’s your birthday dinner, or a party you’re invited too, an event, or going on a date and have no idea what to wear you can never go wrong with a little black dress.  What I love about a black dress is that they are endless possibilities on how you wear your makeup and how you accessorize it.  You can add a pop of colour with a bold lip or with a bright handbag. You can finally wear your cheetah print heels if you want.  I have many black dresses, this is just a more casual one I picked up at Canadian clothing boutique called Mendocino. Of course anything black has a slimming effect and that’s always good especially if you’re going to a special occasion.

5) A Bomber Jacket


Bomber jackets are comfortable and can give your outfit an edgier vibe. They’re perfect for when your feeling lazy to plan an outfit, but you still want to look stylish. Bombers give off a sporty look and will look great with a pair of joggers. You can get them in funky prints, embroidery, and sequins. They’re oversized bomber jackets and  long line bombers, as well as bombers made of silk and satin that are better for more formal looking outfits.

6) A Leather Jacket


No matter what the season a leather jacket will always make you look more put together.  You need one that is made out of real leather (although I would love one)  for it to look good. It’s a great layoring piece and makes your outfit more look elevated especially if it’s an all black outfit look.  I bought this pleather one from Zara and I couldn’t be happier because I’ve worn it countless of times.

7) A Good Quality Everyday Bag


You need a bag that fits your needs. If you’re a mom you might want a bag big enough to carry everything you need, if you need a bag for work something with compartments would be good for you.  Always invest in your handbags if you want something that will last a long time and will still look good. When I’m not at school I just need something to carry my essentials. I would love to own more bags but for I’m still a student, hopeully in the future I’ll be able to buy more. This is the Prairie Satchel from Coach, I picked it because it’s just the right size for me and it’s made with good quality leather.

8) A Statement Piece


Everybody’s style is different and because of that everybody’s statement piece is going to be different. Statement pieces are items that bring attention to your outfit and you it want to be that you can wear with many different outfits. So make sure to invest in your statement pieces.  A statement piece can be anything from a yellow leopard jacket, to a bright red bag, a dangling necklace, a choker,  or furry pink heels. It all depends on what your prefer and what you feel comfortable in.

9) A Backpack

leather backpack

Backpacks are just as good as a handbags, they’re practical and have become just as popular. They’re not just made for students, they’re also made for those who want to look chic and sophisticated, but don’t want to buy another purse.  Many high-end brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Burberry and Kate Spade carry leather backpacks with details like studs and fringe.

10) Comfortable Sneakers


Sometimes you don’t want to wear flats or heels because they can be uncomfortable. You want something comfortable and something that still compliments your outfit.  A pair of sneakers that will go with well with a casual dress or skirt, as well a typical look of top of jeans.  Everyone needs one pair of white kicks and a black pair of jeans.

Photo Credits:  Kimberly Gayle & Mursal Rahman