Finding That Perfect Dress to Wear to a Summer Wedding

You could say summer is the season of love, people want to celebrate their special day on a hot and sunny day and chances are you may be invited to one. As pleased as you are for the happy couple, you are now faced with the ever so annoying and sometimes stressful decision of what to wear. Yes, you know you’re supposed to wear something formal but you have no idea what would be considered formal enough or what would best suit the location. When thinking of what to wear the most important thing to remember is to find something that looks flattering, feels comfortable, and will look good not only in photos but on the dance floor. In this case, a summer dress could be perfect.

Looking at some options online is a good idea but it’s always better to purchase in store when shopping for an event like this because you can never be sure of how the dress will fit or whether or not it will look good on you. I know for some of us the idea of colour can be scary but it’s always nice to embrace brighter colours in the summer. You never know you might find a colour that compliments your skin tone. If you’re somebody who is not used to wearing a bright colour then try looking for pastel coloured dresses. The lighter the colour is the more neutral looking it is and the more likely you’ll wear it again.

Well, my dear friend Kimberly Gayle was invited to her friend’s wedding and was contemplating what to wear. She was on the hunt to find the perfect summer dress. She ended up finding a gorgeous dress from Guess that looked flattering on her figure and was a beautiful yellow colour that complimented her skin tone. It was a short dress with gorgeous lace detailing which gave her a really feminine and flirty look. She paired it with clear heels, a very soft and glowy makeup look, and a bold red lip. She was summer wedding ready to dance the night away.
kimwedding72, summer dress

kimwedding10, summer dress

kimwedding81, summer dress

kimwedding, summer dress

Photo Credits: @forevermursal

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