Fall Essentials You Need In Your Closet

You know sweater weather is among us when the leaves start changing colour.  Layering pieces are essential to have during the fall season.  It’s always helpful to have your essentials, and then add trendy pieces of your choice when fall comes around. It’s always nice to have a few options, so you can mix and match and stay warm at the same time. Here are a few fall essentials you need to build the ultimate fall wardrobe.

Sweaters & Turtlenecks

Photo Credits: @kimbothekimbo

When you want to stay warm a sweater is a must-have item in your closet.  A knit sweater is nice to have because not only will it give you warmth but adding different types of textures will give your outfit a more elevated look.  I don’t like the look of knit sweaters a hoodie is just as good.  There is nothing like a comfortable hoodie.

A turtleneck is great because it will keep your neck warm.  A basic turtleneck is also a great piece to have because you can use it to layer under off the shoulder tops, cami’s, or tops that have cutouts. If you don’t have a turtleneck then you can use a plain long sleeve top to layer underneath your clothes.

Dark Denim &  Jackets

Photo credits: @kimbothekimbo

Since people usually wear darker colours during the fall,  having some dark denim will just help make your outfits look more cohesive.  If it’s not too cold out a pair of ripped jeans will always make your look edgier.

If you want to keep warm you need a jacket. Everybody has a different style and they are millions of jackets to cater to everyone’s preferences. They are going to be days where it’s not going to be cold enough to wear a winter coat but not warm enough to go out without a jacket. Whether its a bomber jacket, denim jacket, fleece jacket, corduroy jacket, you need a jacket you can layer with. It’s always good to have a few options and different colours to choose from, to give your black jacket a break.

Something Furry

Photo credit: @monica_abdolahian

Whether it’s real fur or fake fur, fur is always in style during the fall season.  Whether it’s a fur vest, furry jacket, or just a fur collar, fur always makes an outfit look better.  Fur can sometimes be bulky and make you look bigger than you actually are,  to avoid this always wear flattering pieces that are thin and light underneath. If you’re not interested in wearing a fur vest or coat many stores also sell furry scarves and boots with fur that can add some character to your outfit.

Anything Leather

Photo Credits: @kimbothekimbo

A leather jacket can complete an outfit, but a leather jacket is a piece people wear all year around. When fall comes around, anything leather is acceptable.  It’s time to break out your leather pants and leather skirts.  Don’t be afraid to be bold with your colour choices. We’re all used to black, but a red leather skirt or red leather jacket can definitely be a statement piece.

 Blanket Scarves


Photo Credits: @kimbothekimbo

When the wind is blowing, and you’re not wearing a scarf you can definitely feel the cold breeze on your neck.  Since blanket scarves are bigger they are a lot warmer than regular scarves. Scarves are great styling pieces and can be worn in several ways. You can drape it around you to like a cape, wear it as a poncho, or simply over your shoulders.  Not only are blanket scarves comfortable, but they can help give you the finishing touch to your outfit.


Photo credits: @monica_abdolahian

Booties are a fall footwear essential. It can be difficult to find good quality booties that look flattering.  Everybody has a preference some like a rounded shape while others like a more pointy shape. When buying booties the better the leather the longer the shoes will last.  In order to find good quality leather booties,  you might not need to spend more than one hundred dollars.  If your somebody who’s good at keeping your shoes in good condition a great way to elevate the look of your outfit is by buying a pair of velvet or suede booties. Is it really fall if you’re not wearing a pair of booties with almost every outfit you wear?

Layerable Leggings

No matter how many layers you are wearing if your legs get cold then you will be cold. If you own a pair of leggings then you can wear them under your jeans to help with the warmth. Sometimes layering two leggings under your jeans can give you a tight fit, in this case, you need to purchase a pair of thermal leggings.  These leggings are designed with thermal fabric to help keep you warm. Leggings lined with wool or fleece will also help keep you warm. Trust me you are going to need them when there is a snow storm outside.