How Wearing Your Favourite Colour Can Boost Your Confidence

Pink has always been my favourite colour, but you wouldn’t know that unless you actually knew me. As I am getting older I’m finding that most of my wardrobe consists of dark colours. I’ve been getting real comfortable wearing all black outfits on a daily basis.  It’s just easy, all I have to do is a simple makeup look, pop on a red lip, do something to my hair, and I am looking fierce. As much as I feel at home in my all black outfits I noticed that I have a lot of pink clothing in my closet that I never wear.  I rarely wear pink lipstick either which is a shame because I have a ton of pink lipsticks just sitting in my drawer. As the weather is getting nicer I am starting to wear my pink pieces more and I’m feeling just as ambitious as Elle Woods. I’m even rocking more pink lipstick and I’ve never felt prettier.  I feel like a Barbie.  Most of all I feel like because I was so comfortable wearing black I stopped experimenting with my style and I missed that!

Colour evoking emotion isn’t a new concept. According to Verywellmind, “colour psychology is the study of how colours impact one’s mood, feelings, and behaviours.” As I am slowly introducing more colours into my wardrobe I definitely notice how differently I feel when I’m wearing a colour that isn’t black. Right now, I’m loving how I look in pink and I think my closet can use a few more pink items. If you want to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone then try experimenting with some colour in your wardrobe. You never know adding some colour into your outfits just might give you that extra boost of confidence. Here, I’ve styled a few of my favourite pink items from my closet.

Fur Jacket & Jeans: Missguided         Handbag: Coach         Shoes: Steve Madden





Photo credits: @brunarico

How Wearing Your Favourite Colour Can Boost Your Confidence