We Embraced Colour With The Huda Beauty Precious Stones Palettes

Last year I wrote about my new found love for colourful eyeshadow and that love has not died yet. I’m not done experimenting with colour so when Huda Beauty launched their Precious Stones collection I knew I had to try some of them. She released five palettes each inspired by a precious stone I have three of the five; Sapphire, Amethyst, and Emerald. I did a full review on how the shadows perform and teamed up with makeup artist Brooke Belliveau to show you the beautiful looks you can create with these palettes.

Huda Beauty Precious Stones Palettes Pros:

What I love about these palettes is that their all buildable eye shadows. When applying colour you want to be in control of the amount of intensity you want. You want the colours to blend in with one another and that’s easier to do when you can slowly build them up rather than have too much on at first. If you want just a wash of colour these palettes will allow you to have that. But, if you want the colour to be really opaque and vibrant then these palettes will allow you to have that as well.  What I found in common with all three of the palettes was that the matte shades have a thin consistency. The majority of the metallic shimmery shades are smooth and creamy whereas some are a little dense and a little crumbly.

Huda beauty always has beautiful packaging. I love how the stone on the front is made up of the colours inside the palette. All the palettes are super lightweight and have a mirror which is always nice.

Huda Beauty Precious Stones Palettes Cons:

There is lots of fallout when using these palettes so I recommend doing your eyeshadow first because it can be quite messy to clean if you don’t.  The metallic shimmery shades apply better with your hand or a wet brush. Using a primer or glitter glue can really help make the shadow pop more.



Putting a yellow shade in this palette was genius because pairing yellow with blue creates such a striking contrast on the eye. I didn’t love the pigmentation in this palette because the mattes are a little powdery and dusty, especially the yellow shade. You get a semi-sheer colour payoff so you have to really work with the matte shades in this palette opposed to the others.  However you can build them up to the level of opacity you want, it just might take a little bit more blending time.

Huda Beauty Sapphire Obsessions Palette, $36, sephora.ca


Huda Beauty
Huda Beauty
Christal5, Huda Beauty
Huda Beauty

This was my favourite palette. Not only can you create pretty eyeshadow looks for the spring and summer, but you can use the purple tones in the fall as well. Some of the shades have more of a plum undertone whereas others have more of a pinky undertone. I like the pigmentation in this palette, the mattes are more velvety. Certain shades you do need to build up but you can create really elegant looks with this palette.

Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions Palette, $36, sephora.ca


Mursal112jpg, Huda Beauty
Mursal10, Huda Beauty
Mursal9, Huda Beauty
Mursal31q, Huda Beauty

I’ve never really experimented with green shadow before but it looks so striking on. There is a mixture of warm and cool-toned greens. The palette could have used a more a deeper green to help create more of a contrast with the lighter shades. This palette had the most fallout out of the three. I do think you need a little bit more blending time with the matte shades they’re a little bit on the dry side.

Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette, $36, sephora.ca

Photo Credits: Bruna Rico 

We Embraced Colour With The Huda Beauty Precious Stones Palettes.

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