Laura Mercier Discontinued The Foundation That Gives Me That Perfect Glow

When I found out the Shiseido group brands were having a warehouse sale I immediately told my mom and of course, she couldn’t say no discounted quality makeup. So off we went and there was   My mother and I spent $300 each. Yikes! But it was $300 well spent because I purchased good quality products from high-end beauty brands at 60 per cent off. One of those items was the Laura Mercier CandleGlow Soft Luminous Foundation. At the time I didn’t know this foundation was discontinued.

lauramerciercg, Laura Mercier
Shade: Buff

I’ve heard great things about Laura Mercier foundations so I was excited to put this foundation to the test. This foundation definitely lives up to its name. I don’t think I’ve tried a foundation that gives you the most beautiful glow but in such a subtle way. I was curious as to what gives you that luminous glow and it contains unique light-reflecting pigments. It’s lightweight, hydrating, and evens out your skin tone very nicely. It is not a full coverage foundation but I don’t mind that because I like the natural and healthy look it gives me for every day.  You can build it to medium coverage but without a concealer, your dark spots and any blemishes will still be peeking through. After about seven hours, I did notice that my t-zone area was getting oily, but what really helped decrease the oil was baking with a loose powder. What’s even better is that it’s fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.

I believe this foundation came out in 2016 and was discontinued this year. I was so disappointed to find out this foundation is no longer being sold.  Why is it that beauty brands sometimes discontinue your favourite product or your perfect shade? It truly does give me a flawless youthful complexion and I am going to savour every last bit of it. However, I am happy to say you can find buy this foundation on Amazon!  I am definitely going to be stocking up before it’s gone.

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