3 Stila Red Lippies You Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are here and that’s means a red lip is essential. This year I’ve discovered some gorgeous red shades from Stila. Both Stila’s liquid lip and lip gloss formulas are opaque and lie comfortably on your lips. If you’re looking for a stunning red during this festive time than check out these Stila red lippies. 

1) Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Besos

  • Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick in Besos

Besos is a stunning shade. It’s a vibrant true red and is very pigmented. It’s a creamy matte shade that smells like birthday cake. The liquid lip formula is made with avocado oil and vitamin E that will leave your lips feeling soft. It’s long lasting and will look gorgeous on any skin tone.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Besos, $29, sephora.ca

2) Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in Empowering

This colour looks very orange in the tube but looks more red on the lips. The colour payoff is wondeful and is a great option to wear if you want to wear something different than just a typical red. It’s a bright coral with pink and blue shimmer. The orange undertones makes it very wearble with any outfit or makeup look. The iridescent pearls gives it that high shine that can’t make you stop looking at your lips.

Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in Empowering, $20, sephora.ca

3) Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in In The Red

If you like a juicy red lip than this one’s for you. It reflects the light beautifully and can almost make your lips appear a little more fuller. This shade has blue sparkles in it but not to the point where’s it’s overpowering. It blends in nicely and looks seamless on the lips. The lip gloss formula is made with hyaluronic acid and oils to help keep the lips feeling nice and nourished.

Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss in In The Red, $20, sephora.ca

Photo Credits: Monika Kalicki