Is a Foreo Luna Worth the Money?

My Experience With Using A Foreo Luna

Ever since I saw beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights rave about her Foreo in her videos I knew I wanted one. I’ve always been curious about facial cleansing tools but never had the chance to try them because they were quite pricey. Last year, I finally got my hands on a Foreo. I bought the Picture Perfect gift set which includes the Foreo Luna 3 and Serum, Serum, Set. After three months of using it, I was in love. I definitely feel bougie using an expensive beauty tool to clean my face, but a little luxury never hurt anyone.

I’m a big believer in double-cleansing. First, I use micellar water to remove my makeup and then wash my face with a cleanser. When I double cleanse I know that my skin is thoroughly rid of any makeup or dirt. The Luna 3 uses sonic technology and has 8000 sonic pulsations per minute. The Luna 3 has a bigger brush head, softer touchpoints, and longer bristles compared to the older models. I really like how the silicone bristles feel soft and gentle against my skin and the silicone makes it is easy to clean. Using the Foreo I feel like I’m getting rid of the dead skin without over-exfoliating my skin to the point where my skin will crack. I definitely think it has made a difference with the number of blackheads on my nose and chin. My skin feels more firm and plump. It doesn’t leave your skin dry, your skin is left leaving feeling healthy and refreshed. Unlike other cleansing tools, you don’t have to replace the brush which helps save money in the long run.

What I don’t like is that you have to download the app and sync it to your phone. It’s just another app that takes up space on your phone. To start cleansing you you have to do is press on it and you can start cleansing. They are four facial massage settings that are meant to tighten the cheeks and neckline, the jawline, and a treatment for the eye area. However, you need to select them on the app for the massage to begin. Your phone and Foreo have to be nearby, which is a little annoying because my Foreo is in my bathroom and I have to bring it into my room. I don’t love the Foreo for facial massages and that just might be because of my laziness to go to the bathroom and get it. I prefer my Nurse Jamie Uplift Body for massaging my face.

So…Is a Foreo Actually Worth The Money?

If you’re somebody who’s interested in using a facial cleansing tool on your face then I would 100% recommend a Foreo Luna. The Luna 3 is pricey it’s $259 but they do have cheaper versions. I can’t speak to whether it works on sensitive skin. Thankfully the only issues I have with my skin are discolouration, some blackheads, some dark spots, and the occasional pimple. All I know is that I missed it when I didn’t take it with me on vacation. However, I have read other views with people who have sensitive skin who like it. I don’t think this is a mandatory product to have, as long as you double cleanse your skin will be thoroughly cleaned. If I lost my Foreo, I would terribly miss it and although pricey I would most likely order it again. For those who aren’t tech-savvy this isn’t a good product, because you won’t be able to use all of its features.

The serum that the Luna 3 came with isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t repurchase it. The name of the serum is just ridiculous it’s called Serum, Serum, Serum. How are you supposed to know what it does or what ingredients are in it? You’re supposed to use it with the Foreo’s firming massage mode, but I just apply it to my skin after cleansing. The serum is made with has squalane and hyaluronic acid in it both ingredients that my skin loves. It feels very cooling on my skin. My skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated.

Is A Foreo Worth The Money?


Picture Perfect gift set including a Foreo + a Serum, Serum, Serum, $259,

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