Embrace the Athleisure Wear Trend On Your Exam Days

Life can get stressful when you have looming deadlines to meet and other priorities like a part-time job, paying bills, all while trying to take care of yourself. Sometimes you feel utterly exhausted by the time you get home. What’s even worse is that sometimes your mind plays a trick on you where you will think you have time to get everything done, but you don’t.

Exam season is when while on your way to school you do a dainty pit check because you can’t remember if you put deodorant. Your diet consists of caffeinated beverages and you’re constantly worried if you’ve studied enough. The that last thing you care about is looking good.  However, putting some effort into how you look can give you the confidence you need during an exam (but nothing will help you if you didn’t study). 

 So, if you’re somebody that needs to get into a positive mindset, embrace the athleisure wear trend. Athleisure wear is when you incorporate athletic clothing while pairing it with the right accessories that is appropriate for running errands and social situations. Athletic clothing is comfortable as most of the clothing is made out of synthetic fibers and fabrics like lycra and spandex. If you accessorize sporty attire add a bomber jacket or a denim jacket,  a nice pair of sneakers, and a statement bag then you’ll be comfortable and still look good to tackle the day ahead.  For Co-creative director Kimberly Gayle I put her into a fuzzy hoodie and Adidas track pants is from a boutique called Neon, paired with a bright pair of Nike sneakers.

Hoodie: Obey           Pants: Adidas              Shoes: Nike’s             Watch: Skagen Denmark

kimneonefinaledit, Athleisure Wear

kimfinaleditneone1, Athleisure WearSQUATinGfinal, Athleisure Wear

Photo Credits: Fatima Al-Sayed

Model: Kimberly Gayle

Stylist: Mursal Rahman

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